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Kiny (Father),

Yaams (Mother),

X-Yums (Brother)



X-Yums (sometimes)

Frieza King cold Cooler

X-Yums (sometimes)

Zuni (pun off of Zucchini) is the protagonist of DragonBall: Universal Darkness. He is a Saiyan that was raised on the Planet Tamaran along with his brother, X-Yums under his parents who were sent there from Planet Vegeta to conquer the planet, but refused as the ruling family was far powerful enough to actually challenge the Saiyans, so the Saiyans joined the Tamerenian ranks, and they raised their kids in peace, away from the violence of Planet Vegeta. Although most Saiyans have black hair and eyes, his and his brother's hair and eyes were changed. His hair and eyes were grey, while his brother's hair and eyes were red. The reason behind this is that they had fought in war against the exile Tameranian Princess, Blackfire, and she nearly murdered them, until she was defeated by her younger Starfire. And the boys were only 10-11 at the time, so they couldn't handle wounds as strongly yet. The King then had a blood transplant proceed involving his son, Wildfire, and the two Saiyans. After that, they became close friends with Wildfire since they were all around the same age. So they were all sent to Warrior School together. When the second war came around, the boys were stronger, even so much the king made them Generals of the army at only ages 16 and 15, but they still were not strong enough for Blackfire. Blackfire tried aiming for the boys again, and again Starfire saved them from her older sister. Blackfire then went so far as to killing her own parents, then the Saiyans' parents. She then retreated. Starfire, infuriated, now took the throne. X-Yums was so mad he departed from the planet with one of his late parents pods. Wildfire, who was just crying, haden't payed attention to his friend, and Zuni had left a few days later. After traveling through space for almost a year, he had landed on Earth. For the rest of his story, read the story.

He can never trust blackfire for what she did.

Starfire and Wildfire are of the only people he can trust, aside from his brother at times.

When he arrives on earth, looses to Goku in the tournament, and then trains with him, he befriends him.

Although his brother is his biggest rival, he can trust him to aid him in battles against stronger beings.


He is a kind, caring person not like most other Saiyans. He will do anything to save his friends. He loves a fair fight and hates to cheat or be cheated.

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