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Zenthos (LOTSG)
Legend of the Saiyan God Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: The Second King
King of All
Birthplace: N/A
Power level: God Ki 400 (Prior to becoming King of All)
Infinite (As the King of All)
N/A (Current)
Homeworld: N/A
Species: Dragon-Humanoid
Gender: Male
Date of Death: Age 770~
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Zenthos is the second King of All, who ruled directly after Kar'zol'anthan and before Galanova.

After several billion years, Zenthos gave his position to his Grand Priest, Galanova, and faded into obscurity.

At some point around Universe-7's Age 770, during Zen-Oh's rule, Zenthos died and is currently unaccounted for in any Otherworld or the Gold Palace.


When Zen-Oh described Zenthos he said that the former King of All looked like a pale, off-white humanoid dragon.


Zenthos had somewhat of a survival of the fittest philosophy, though it was only to the degree that he believed the strongest or most powerful proved themselves more worthy to live than weaker individuals.

His rule as King of All was said to be somewhat hard to individuals below the average power level, but he was not sadistic to them, merely dismissive.



At some point, Zenthos had a God ki higher than 200, but after becoming the King of All his power rose to infinite levels.

Zenthos created the Super Dragon Balls, which retain their power even after he lost his power as King of All, the Super Dragon Balls can do anything except overrule the King of All's power.

After he lost his status of King of All, Zenthos lost the power granted to him, with his remaining power being unknown.


  • Erase (formerly) - When he was the King of All, Zenthos could erase everything except the Gold Palace. Zenthos created the Super Dragon Balls, which can grant any wish except ones which overrule the authority of the King of All.
  • Create (formerly)  - When he was King of All, Zenthos could create anything a Supreme Kai could on a larger scale. 


Even though Zenthos has lost his power, the Super Dragon Balls retain their power as the King of All still exists.

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