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  • Dragon Ball GT: Gaiden Chapter 1
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball GT: Gaiden
  • Date of Birth:
  • Before 737 Age
  • 737 Age
    Date of Death:
    790 Age
  • Queen Arctic (Boss)
  • Cooler (Boss)
  • Kuriza (Boss)
  • General Proton (Leader)
  • Zuru (Comrade)
  • Zang (Comrade)
  • Zor (Comrade)

  • Zaku (袋is a Titanian and a memember of Planet Trade Order. He appears in Dragon Ball GT: Gaiden, as a memember of the Honro Gaurds.

    Early Life: Edit

    In his early life, Canon was a highly skilled Titanian born on the Planet Titan. King Proton saw potential within him, and made him the leader of his elites.

    Like Proton, Canon was also apart of Frieza's Planet Trade Organization in the 2nd Stellar Region Army.

    After the defeat of frieza, he followed along with king proton and his army and disbands from frieza's forces and become to search for namek for the dragon balls.

    Dragon Ball GTEdit

    King Proton (Movie):Edit

    Years, later Canon was task with finding out earth and the dragon balls. once discovered, he and his comrades begin their search in order try and gain immortality. A battle against the Z Fighters began soon afterwards, resulting in Canon being defeated by Gohan.

    Techniques and Abilities: Edit

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