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Summary Edit

This Saga Begins 3 Months After The Demonic Saiyan Saga. Goku Has Finished His Training With Uub Goten And Valese Are Engaged To Be Married And Vegeta Is Still Thinking About What Happened 3 Months Earlier.

As Goku, Goten And Vegeta Meet, Vegeta Brings Up That He Saw A Weird Inscription On Kami's Lookout They Go To Investigate, They Find Out That there Are Different Dragonballs for Different Planets but The inscription Also Reveals That There Is A Set of Ultimate Dragonballs Known As The Warp Star Dragonballs. So They Make Plans To Go Search For Them But Not Before Goku Makes A Quick Rain Check With An Old Aquantince...

Episode List Edit

Episode 17: Deal With The Kai's

Episode 18: The Z-Fighters Take Off!

Episode 19: Crash Land On Icer!

Episode 20: Trouble On The Cold Planet!

Episode 21: Escape From Icer!

Episode 22: Go To The Planet Of Snakes!

Episode 23: The Return Of Princess Snake!

Episode 24: Goku Vs The Ultimate Snake Beast

Episode 25: A Lost Planet Found!!!

Episode 26: The Saiyans Revived!

Episode 27: Vegeta's Discovery!

Episode 28: Find the Last Dragonballs On The Planet Of The Plant Creatures

Episode 29: The Plant Kings Treasure!!!

Episode 30: The False Dragonball

Episode 31: Back To Earth!

Episode 32: Trip To The Bottom Of The Sea!

Episode 33: The Dragonball Found!

Episode 34: Make the Wish!

Episode 35: The Enlosure Of The Warp Star Balls!

Episode 36: Aftermath

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