She is the princess of the Saiyan race of the once powerful Planet Pyre. She is the daughter of King Kobra, and the sister of Mamba.


She was born on Planet Pyre at an indeterminate date. At the age of five, she would master most of her family's martial arts abilities as well as her own techniques. She always use her skills to protect her twin sister Mamba, and her father King Kobra from such invaders as Frieza, Cooler and even the Vegetan Saiyan King Vegeta. It is at this point that she learns of other Saiyans living in the universe. With her sister and 2 million Saiyan troops, she sets out to find the two Saiyans she heard were on Earth, beginning the events of the Dragon Ball PP series.


Unusually aggressive, even for a Saiyan, she is always eager to fight. She uses her beauty to lure her enemies into a false sense of security, and when their gaurds are down, takes major cheap shots. This means that she rarely ever fights fairly, and will use any means necessary to win a fight. At the beginning of the PP series, she is very masochistic and enjoys the deaths of all her enemies, hardly ever showing any mercy accept to Trunks, whom she later marries. Despite marrying Trunks, she has a rocky relationship with him at the start because she and her sister killed Vegeta by toying with him too much. Eventually she is able to reconcile with Trunks and after a year persuades him to marry her, showing an ability of guile.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has the folowing attacks:

  • Snake Cannon
  • Destructive Disk
  • Poison Shot
  • Galick Gun (adopted from Vegeta)
  • Pink Kamehameha (Variation of the Kamehameha)
  • Planet Buster



A very beautiful girl, she is still not as beautiful as her sister.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Orange

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