super z fighters saga

Appearence== Veneth is a super saiyan.She first appeared in the search for the dragon balls when she and her siblings were searching for them.They planned to use them for max strength,

but Goku jr. used it for flight.Gokar told her try not to get mad because she couldn't fly before.


Veneth has always had a good friendship with Gokar,little does he know that she has always had a crush on him.She liked him because he had the courage to fight vegether,save her from baby buu,stop his father from killing her and he would never turn down a chance for a fight.When he is killed by his father she uses the flash cannon he taught her to help him.she gets there to late and finds him dead.It is likely that he has these same feelings even though it is not proven.

rest sagaEdit

After everyone is revived,Rakon says that gokar's training is complete and that now he will have to have a human education.Veneth already attends a school so she ask gokar would he like to enroll.He says yes but he has know where to live.She then says that he could stay with her and vegether at there house in the mountains

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