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Vegetunks, also known as Vegetrunks
, is the the result of the fusion between Vegeta and Trunks. This form is a result of the Potara Earing fusion. Vegetunks wears a blue jacket, grey gloves, white boots, and a white shirt. His hair is spiked similar to Vegeta's. He skipped all Super Saiyan forms straight into Super Saiyan 4.


Super Saiyan.

Super (or) ussj

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 4.


  • Ki Blast
  • Atomic Cannon
  • Galick Sword
  • Super Hangarosa
  • Super Blast
  • Big Bang Heat Dome Attack
  • Big Bang Galick gun
  • Big Bang Finish Buster
  • Buster Flash Cannon
  • Big Buster Cannon
  • Explosive Burning Bang Storm
  • Father/Son Galick Gun

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