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Vegeta Appears In AF At The Age Of 68

Demonic Saiyan Saga Edit

He Gets Along Better With Goku And The Other Z Fighters When He Appears For The First Time During AF But After His Demonic Saiyan Side Split From Him, Vegeta Turned Pure Good. The First Sign Was Vegeta Stopped Calling Goku Kakarot.

Appearances Edit

All of The Episodes, 15 Movies And 2 Specials

Technique Edit

Galick Gun - A Strong Beam Of Ki That Does Tremendous Strength Of Power

Super Sonic Wave - An Attack That Causes Piercing Damage To Your opponent

Vegeta (SSJ3)

Vegeta In SSJ3 Form

big bang attack - a gaint ball of ki

Final Flash - Same as Gallick gun but quicker to power up and lots more power in super sayian form

Super Saiyan forms 1-5

Vegeta ss5

Vegeta ssj5

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