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well basicaly im a dragon ball fan liked every series (even gt)im nigerian-english i live in london i know english and a litttle german my favrorite bands are busted ( i know there broke up) and mcfly i also like eminem and pink my faviroute song is i went to the year 3000 by busted i will one day create a fan fiction just when a idea pops into my head it will be after gt or inbetween events in dragon ball z my faviroute fighter is Yamcha i think after dragonball chracters like him were forgotten and also what ever hapened to launch my faviroute fan fiction is dragonball st sswerty is a genius in my opion

Your own F-ing Fanfictions

why cant i is it not allowed i was just making pages because there wasnt any and i liked the story is it angainst the rules or something and also i made my own page super saiyan buu so i dont just steal peoples chracters and write them up

Yes, it IS against the rules to edit other people's fanfiction without premission. Don't do it. GokuChristmas SonikFan112 GokuChristmasi didnt do thats the thing i dont know what that guys talking about i only made a page about one of sswerty chracters

Your not allowed to make addiotional pages for a fanon that's not yours without premission either

ok i wont do it again ill ask can i delete the page though

SuperFusion — Don't Look Back Into The Sun:
TALK — Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Im going to ask you nicely to stop making add ons to other people's fanfictions. Your alowed to like them but no expand on them. Kapish

Busted-Year 300003:18

Busted-Year 3000

my favirote song
Hyper ZerglingSHFFLd b-air, short hop laser, dash off stage double-jump d-air, waveland off platform, double shine:
TALK — Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Also, don't mention others' fan fictions in yours without permission.

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