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aka Plat. Frontier, Nomad2010, The Only Guy On A Fanon Wiki That Likes Rap Music That Has Legible Typing

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August 16, 2010
  • I live in My Mistress
  • My occupation is Bullshitting
  • I am Namekian.
This user, NomadMusik, says:
"Pointless editing and n00b/1337 spk is for biatches."

Keep the editing real.

This User, who really is a jackass on the inside, is the R&B luvin', deep NomadMusik.

Birth name: NomadMusik
Height: 5'4"
Alternate names: NM; Mr. Annoyance; Plat. Frontier; Ciiks T. Nien; ^o^; Nomad2010
Allegiance: Happenin' Owners Were/That Only Fetch Used Celery Killers
Gender: Male
Born: August 30th
Location: On Earth, looking at something RIGHT BEHIND YOU
Race: Read my profile, biatches.
Occupation: Writer

NomadMusik izacrayzmofo.

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