Undead saga

Created By DaveyG1986

Undead Saga Takes place in the year 2009. This is the 2nd Saga in Dragonball Omega

After the 340th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament, Deivii (the main character) along with his training partner Maiku, their new friends Danii and their master Hitsurgui searched for the Dragon Balls and found Earth's Legendary Hero Goku. Shortly after meeting Goku, the new Z-Fighters are faced with a new threat from the Undead.

Chapters Edit

  • 13 - TBC
  • 14 - TBC
  • 15 - TBC
  • 16 - TBC
  • 17 - TBC
  • 18 - TBC
  • 19 - TBC
  • 20 - TBC

Characters Edit

This is the list of characters that are in the Undead Saga

Main Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Villains Edit

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