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Is an ultimate attack first used by Evil Gohan first he raises one arm and a blue energy ball grows he raises the other and another blue energyball appears he puts his hands together and the 2 energy ball fuse into one he he releases the energy ball causing a huge amount of damage Users:Evil Gohan Goku Freiza

Broly bomb

Is a weak attack used by Broly to kill Goku he cups his hands and a orange energy ball grows he launches the attack Broly is the only known user of this attack Users:Broly

Kamehameha dragon fist

Is an ultimate attack first used by Goku in his SSJ6 form its like he dragon fist but is mixed with the kamehameha wave Users:Goku Gohan Goten

Death kamehameha

Is the ultimate kamehameha first used by Goku it does way more damage than the others Users:Goku Vegeta Gohan Trunks

Kaio ken super kamikaze ghost attack

Is a stronger version of Gotenks ghost attack first gotenks uses the kaio ken technique then Gotenks creates some kamikaze ghosts Users:Gotenks

Super demon wave

Is an attack only used by Piccolo.First he yells DEMON! then a red energy ball launches out of his hand

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