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Tomoto is the main character in The Saiyan Battles. He is actually a child of 10 but has an unimaginable power level of 20,000 (grows higher later).

<SPOLIER ALERT!> He later becomes the top-most General under Frieza.


Tomoto is like an average Saiyan child in looks but not in power. However, he looks quite similar to Trunks Briefs in his childhood but as he matures he looks a lot different.

Personality Edit

Tomoto is heavily mature and is only loyal to King Vegeta (and later Frieza). He is cold-hearted like most Saiyans but ruthless unlike any other but he cares about others.


Tomoto's family will never be revealed in the story itself but probably in some flashbacks of his childhood. The only known information is that his best friend is Asper, a female Saiyan Elite of the same age. He mourns her death as she is killed by Frieza later in the third saga (he told Frieza to spare her during the Genocide) and revolts on Frieza.


Great Ape - Like most Saiyans, Tomoto can transform into a Great Ape but he rarely uses this form. The only time he uses this is when he is outnumbered by a lot of enemies of high power levels, close to his.

Super Saiyan - Tomoto achieved this transformation first during the first saga when he hears of his fathers death.

​​full power ssj-

SSJ Tomoto

Super Saiyan Kid Tomoto using Solar Blast


Ki - He can control Ki, the most basic form of energy.

Flight - By controlling Ki, he can levitate.

Solar Bla's't - Tomoto charges a yellow ball of Ki and blasts his opponent, thus inflicting massive amount of damage on the enemy.

Rushing Finisher - Tomoto's physical attack. When an opponent is crippled, Tomoto charges towards him and grapples the former's neck and snaps it. It is thus a finishing move.

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