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Earthling (Three Eyed Clan)
Date of Birth:
802 Age
Dragon Ball SF Chapter #134
Appears in:
Dragon Ball SF, Dragon Ball GF
  • Launch (half-wife)
  • Tights (half-wife)
  • Raion Shinhan (half-son)
  • Juri (half-daughter-in-law)
  • Jade Shinhan (half-granddaughter)
  • Yincha (half-son)
  • Chiaotzu (half-lifelong best friend)
  • Puar (half-lifelong best friend)
  • Master Shen (half-mentor)
  • Mercenary Tao (half-mentor)
  • Master Roshi (half-mentor)
  • Korin (mentor)
  • Mr. Popo (mentor)
  • Kami (mentor)
  • King Kai (mentor)

  • Tiencha is the fusion of Yamcha and Tien Shinhan using the Fusion Dance technique of the Metamorans. Tien and Yamcha uses their Fusion in Dragon Ball SF .

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    Android 22 Saga Through Super Android #22 SagaEdit

    During the fight against the Androids created by General Copper, Tien copied the Fusion Dance Technique from Trunks and Goten while they were training Gochan and Buma on how to perform the Fusion Technique. After undergoing various practice Tien and Yamcha are successful in creating the Fusion warrior, Tiencha. During the fight against Super Android 22, even as Tiencha, the z fighters are still no match. During the Cell games 2, Tiencha is seen in the fight against Super Android 22 once again and still no match.

    Ark Saga Through Ultimate Ark SagaEdit

    Four years later, Tien and Yamcha perform the Fusion technique once again to fight against the Earth current threat such as Ark, but is easily outmatched in strength.

    Techniques and Power UpsEdit

    Flight: The ability to fly with the use of Ki.

    Ki Blast: The most basic forms of Ki based attacks.

    Dodohameha: A combination of Tien's Dodon Ray and and Yamcha's Kamehameha. first Teincha draws his hands back and brings the forth and launch the energy blast from the the tip of his finger towards his opponent. Tiencha is also capable of performing a upgraded version of the Dodohameha known as the Super Dodohameha.

    Wolf Fang Volley Ball Fist: A combination of the Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist and Tien's Volley Ball Fist.

    Tri Spirit Ball Attack: A combination of Yamcha's Spirit Ball and Tien's Tri-Beam. it is Tiencha's Ultimate Technique.

    Kaio Ken: As Tiencha, both Yamcha and Tien are able to perform the Technique to increase their strength and power for a fix period of time. Tiencha can power up the Kaio Ken Technqiue up to 20X Kaio Ken.

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