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It was an afternoon like any other when the Evil Garlic Jr. had gathered all seven dragon balls. The Evil Garlick Jr asked to summon a very powerful Super Saiyan to help him fight goku. Once again the evil that was once destroy is resurrected from the dead and then, Garlic Jr. said "thank you sheron you have done your job now disappear" He shot a full Energy Wave and then the dragon disappear The Dragon Ball Were mere stones now. But Garlic Jr. had a surprise coming it was that Broly was going to kill him with a super ki blast. and broly went ssj4 at his full power when to look for Goku to take revenge." i thought you were dead Brolly" Broly interrupted " well you are wrong oku im back i will destroy this planet with my Blaster Meteor and then there will be no one left to stop me" ,Goku transformed into ssj4 but that was no use Broly was stronger then ever Goku could not let him dstroy earth because there were alot of innocent people and then Goku when ssj5 the ultimate saiyan form he had the power to destroy brolly but he was to late Broly was forming the ultimate spirit bomb but Broly had a surprise coming and it was a ultimate kamehameha that was the blast that benish Broly from the face of planet earth once and for all.