The Supreme Meridian (aka DBA Movie 1: The Supreme Meridian) is the first Dragon Ball Advanced movie fan fic. The movie is set between The Meridian Saga and Dr. Rage Saga. The story takes place four months after the events in The Meridian Saga, as the new Z-Fighters is preparing for a huge tournament that is set in three days. However, their plans are sidelined when they stumble on Ryu's ultimate plan.


After discovering the lost city of Meridia, the new Z-Fighters are preparing for a tournament, that is taking place in three days. Everyone is preparing for the annual event. However, Professor Willis discovers something disturbing after their expendition in Meridia; some of his men betrays his order and unintentionally awaken the ancinet ruler of Meridia, Ryu. As everyone prepares for their upcoming fights, Ryu discovers his world broken and belittle to rule, so he decides to take the entire planet as his new kingdom. The Z-fighters soon catches up with his plan, and has to find a way to stop Ryu; but Prof. Willis discovers they need more than strength and power to stop this powerful being.

Featured CharactersEdit

The New Z-FightersEdit


  • June - The z-fighters' best friend; she treats them as if she is their manager.
  • Potter - Titan's little brother, who always want to get part of the team, but he can't.
  • Professor Willis - The group's advisor; head scientist of the North Divison of Sane Corp. He discovers the mistakes his student scientists made when they awoken Ryu.
  • Melody - Ganon's mother and Goku Jr.'s wife. She always worry about her son.


  • Ryu - The so-called "The Supreme Meridian"; he ruled Meridia for years in ancient times, and now sinc he has awoken he wants the entire planet to be his new kingdom. He is by far the most powerful ancient being the fighters had faced.


  • Lude - One of Prof. Willis' student scientists that awoken Ryu from his millennia slumber.
  • Ronji - Another one of Prof. Willis' student scientists who too awoken Ryu from his ancinet sleep.
  • Gen. Esquire - A over-the-top, zealous general of the North City's army.
  • Nigan - One of South City's best fighters; he's cocky and overzealous who really want to face Ganon.
  • Mr. Speakerz - The hillarious, crazy host of the tournament.


  • North City - Hometown of the Z-Fighters, Prof. Willis, Potter, June, and Melody.
  • South City - Nigan's hometown; chief rival for North City.
  • The Tournament Plaza - The homeplace of all city tournaments. It's known as the "Center" becuase of its location facing all points to North Cith, South City, East Ciy, and West City.
  • Meridia - A lost Altantis-like city which was forgotten for almost a millennia; it's the home for Ryu.

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