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The Begining Of The Universe

The fire stood there for trillions of years. Then, the ice formed. The 2 forces crashed together to form the vast Universe. The first being ever created was formed from ice drops and they formed Ymir, the first ever being. Ymir was the first of his species. He grew 2 beings from his armpits. Then, a Magical Chef was formed by more ice drops, and it fed the giants. Eventually, the cow licked some of the ice off of Ymir, where the story begins...

Power. Ymir could feel the power inside of him. It was a part of him, yet it was also not a part of him. Before Ymir could think, he exploded. The great power inside of him was the first Namekian, the original Guardian, named Tekurin. With 1 blast, he killed the Chef, and it's blood drowned the remaining cows.

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