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Plot SummaryEdit

During the time after Tien died in the fight against Nappa and Vegeta Launch leaves the Z Fighters to start a new life on the road (Which explains why she is missing through DBZ). She acquires a truck that she lives in (Seen in the Buu saga when everyone on earth is helping Goku charge the spirit bomb) that is a house in the back. She travels the world seeking money if its taking down criminals or if its stealing. Early on her quest she comes by Penguin Village where she meets Arale from Dr. Slump which becomes her sidekick. Dr. Gero early in his Android project launches Android 10 to test him out by destroying penguin village. Launch and Arale as a team defeat Android 10 and then go off on a journey to acquire riches.

This is a Spin-off fanfic series that dosn't play a big role in the main Dragon Ball story but is merely just a side story of what was going on with Launch after she quietly disappeared from the cast during Dragon Ball Z. Arale is added as her side kick to have Dr. Slump tied in with Dragon Ball a bit more and to have another character to be around with launch. This series is a comedy not a series action series. Also some characters that have appeared in Dragon Ball will be around. Dr. Gero will have androids 10, 11, 12, and Hasky is a reoccurring rival to launch. Tien will have some minor appearances along with other Z fighters and small cameo's of parts in the main series.

Intro Edit

Tien the love of Launch's life is killed in a fight against two aliens. Piccolo was killed to which left the Dragon Balls to perish away leaving it so Tien can never come back. After a while of depression resulting in lots of alcoholism Launch then finally gets an idea to not give up and be depressed and go out and see the world. She spends her days traveling the world obtaining ways to obtain money, rob it or take down dangerous people. Even when doing this though she still feels the love for Tien and hopes one day she will get lucky and see him once more.

To Be Continued....

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