Episode 1 Frieza Got Smaller After the destruction of Frieza, Goku and his friend find a similar threat; small in size, big in power; it's Frieza Jr.. What will they do?
Episode 2 Kaioken Power! While in the close-up battle, Vegeta and Goku fail to inflict further damage than a few scratches, so Goku finally used his Kaioken ability.
Episode 3 Peace... Not For Too Long! After the proclaimed defeat of Frieza Jr., Goku rests while Vegeta is still shocked by Kakarot's Kaioken transformation. Peace covers our planet... but not for too long!
Episode 4 Kaioken... X20 The first Kaioken didn't work well. Shall Goku multiply it by 20?
Episode 5 the soliders attack

Goku tries kaoken x20. Shall Goku prevail against the soldiers or will it be up to vegeta

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