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The History of Shu is a backstory part of the Dragon Ball History Series. This story tells the early life of Shu before he worked for Emperor Pilaf. This story is currently incomplete and may be changed in the future.


In the 739 Age Shu is born in the town of Kuton Village a village consisting of only Ninja Warriors. Shu was the son of Ranmen one of the most skilled ninja's of their time. Shu hopes one day to be able to kill as much as his father and possess many cash. In Kuton Village at the age of five a child must be trained by a senior ninja and they cannot be a related. Shu was lucky enough to end up with the Murasaki who was the third best ninja of the time. Shu became well with his defensive skills and hiding but the only problem he had was attacking people. He was too afraid to attck people as he never thought he would be good enough to attack his enemy. Murasaki became impatient with Shu over time and eventually stopped caring as he had a plan of his own to carry out. Secretly he and Doku, a ninja previously banished from the village for attempting to assassinate the village leader planned to take out Ranman so they can bring fear to the village leader and take over the village. On Ranman's birthday Murasaki told Shu to give him a present he got for him. Shu came to his house and presented the gift to him not knowing Murasaki and Doku were secret hiding from a distance.

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