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A DBZ Fanfic, it takes place in an alternate dimension. No main characters from the show/manga appear except for Shenron and the Kais.


Long ago, 10 dark monsters ruled the Earth. They had plagued it with darkness ,and the sun itself had died. One day, though, five warriors appeared and sealed away this ancient evil. The world healed, and they became known as "Gods" in many different cultures. With the power of Dragons, they had descendants, and their powers were secretly passed down through the generations.

Now, followers of these "Cloud Walkers" have singled out five possible descendants of the "Dragon's Pentagram". Each must do his or her part to survive, because if even one dies, the world itself is doomed.


  • Rio Marufuji: A descendant of the Pentagram's leader. He is the strongest, and is gifted with the power to levitate and revitalize others with their energy. Portrayed by Teen Gohan.
  • Saria Stephens: The only female member of the group, she can levitate and has telepathic abilities. Portrayed by Pan.
  • Raimundo Pedrosa: A Native American boy, he has healing powers, and can survive almost anything. Portrayed by Uub.
  • Thomas Vega: A loner, he has super-strength and levitation. Portrayed by Vegeta.
  • Samuel Manning: A time traveling member of the Five. Portrayed by Android 17.
  • The Cursed Ones: A group of ultimately evil beings, they represent the Nazca Lines.
    • King Minus/The Condor: Leader, he is emotionless and cruel. Portrayed by Baby Vegeta.
      • Anya de Sade/Hummingbird: A manipulative brainiac, she easily brainwashed Thomas Vega. Portrayed by Android 18.
      • General Cross/Giant: A silent brute, he cares nothing for life, and lives to serve King Minus. Portrayed by Android 16.
      • Ishmael/Whale: An easy-going man, he is cowardly and leaves the fighting to the rest. Portrayed by General Blue.
      • Crawler/Monkey: A sneaky character, he, like Ishmael, is very cowardly, but has servants to do his dirty work.
      • ???/Lizard:
      • ???/Spider:

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