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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Species: Space-badger
Gender: Male
Date of Death: Early 737 Age
Maximum Power Level: 1,210
Height: 140 cm / 4'7"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Orange
Rank: Boss
Organizations: Tenrin's Crime Syndicate

Tenrin is a villain in the Genocide Escape saga of Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series. He is a Space-badger crime lord on Planet Frieza 184. His name is a pun on tangerine.


Tenrin is most notable for his pedophilia, largely evident in his keeping of young girls as his servants, and he possesses violent tendencies, frequently beating his servants. He also particularly relishes in breaking stronger-willed prisoners.


Tenrin is the leader of a crime syndicate on Planet Frieza 184. By early 737 Age, Frieza places a bounty on Tenrin's head, and then decides to assign Saiyan children to assassinate the crime lord. Ocra, as the mission handler, sends Chaiva, Cuber, Priyep, Sheliv, and Tinpern to Planet Frieza 184. When his scouts report to him on who is sent to kill him, Tenrin prepares to send his men to capture Chaiva and Sheliv for him to enslave. As Cuber and Chaiva were closer to his hideout, Tenrin sent about a dozen of his best men to intercept the two Saiyans. Tenrin's forces succeed with a few losses, bringing back the defeated Chaiva. With Chaiva drastically weakened by a device binding her against a table, Tenrin tortures the Saiyan girl in order to break her spirit. One of Tenrin's guards interrupt Tenrin's tormenting of Chaiva through his communicator, reporting that they are under attack. Chaiva mocks Tenrin's shift in tone, from confident to distressed, prompting Tenrin to torture her more. Cuber then blasts open the door to the room Chaiva is held in, having killed Tenrin's guards. Tenrin and Cuber then fight, with the former initially gaining upper hand. After fully powering up, however, Cuber reverses the fight in his own favor, and eventually kills Tenrin with the Save the head; dispose of the rest attack.