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Sexy Tani pic

Name: Tani (In Charlu, her name means Flower)

Saiyan Name: Parema

Race: Saiyan

Sex: Female

Age: Born in 721 A.D, 16 years old when cryogenically frozen in 737 A.D. and awaken in 764 A.D on Earth .

Height: 157 cm (5ft 2)

Weight: 54 kg (118 lbs)

B/W/H Ratio: 34-29-36

Psychical Appearance: Tani has shoulder-length raven-black hair with spiky bangs along with two strands of hair that hangs down from each side, dark-colored eyes, light skin and she has a full figured build.

Personality: Tani is a cheerful benevolent figure, loving to help others, she's mostly energetic but rarely ambitious.She also shown tomboyish signs as she rarely puts on womens clothing and likes to watch sports. Tani is a chocoholic as she loves to eat chocolate (And a lot of it too) However because of the horrible events that occued in her past, Tani suffers from post traumatic, depression and hemophobia; the abnormal fear of blood. Though she manage to overcome that fear which causes some problems during battle.

List of Attacks coming soon.

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