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"Quite the entrance. The blue suits you, I'll admit. But that look, that hate-filled glare, the confidence you have upon achieving what I can only assume to be a great deal of power. I can't wait to wipe if off your face."
— Zero-K's first impression of the form

Super Saiyan God
Alternate names Bluper Saiyan (by Zero)
Super Saiyan with blue hair (By Freeza)
Super Saiyan Blue
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (by Goku and Vegeta)
Super Saiyan Rosé (Goku Black's Variant)
Debut Settle the Score!
Kaestos vs Zero!
Appears in Legend of the Saiyan God
Users Kaestos
Class Transformation
Color       &      
Similar techniques Ultimate Super Saiyan
Godly Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan Rosé
Super Saiyan White
Supreme Vampyre
Ultimate Evolution
Super Saiyan God, also known as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue, is the result of a Saiyan infusing their Super Saiyan form with God Ki.



Kaestos called this form Super Saiyan God due to it looking exactly like his Super Saiyan form, but holding God Ki and blue hair.

Power and UsageEdit

The power multiplication of this form is 100 times that of Saiyan Beyond God.

Transferring Ki to someone while in this form can heal them without any technique as show when Kaestos transferred some of his Godly Ki to Gohan to save him from Freeza's attack.

This has the added effect of granting God Ki to the recipient for a short time, and if a Saiyan is strong enough they might retain it.

Kaestos attained this form during his training with Rum and first used it against Zero in his Ultimate Evolution; he managed to defeat his most hated foe after a brutal fight in Hell.

At his strongest, Kaestos has a God Ki of 50 in this form.

Goku and Vegeta first gained this form when training with Whis and used it during the fight against Gold Freeza. At that time they had a God Ki of 6, matching Goku's God Ki when he entered Saiyan God. The two eventually managed to defeat Golden Freeza.

By the time of the tournament between Universe B and C the three increased their power, with Kaestos having a God Ki of 20 in this form and Goku and Vegeta having a God Ki of 7.

During the conflict against Future Zamasu and Black, Goku had a God Ki of 8 in this form while Vegeta had a God Ki of 9 after training. Kaestos' power hadn't increased noticeably at that time.

Goku Black's version of this form, Super Saiyan Rosé, increased his power to a God Ki of 8.

Vegito had a God Ki of 47.5 in this transformation.

Kaego had a God Ki of 250 in this transformation.


Transcendent Aura - This form can affect the world and people in it adversely if not properly controlled, but this usually isn't a problem as the transformation itself requires a great deal of Ki control.

Perfect Ki-Control - Somewhat of a drawback, this form requires near-perfect ki control to enter and almost impossibly precise ki control to fully master. After achieving this nearly unfeasible level of control, the user can ascend to Super Saiyan God 2 and 3 relatively easily.

Calm Mind - The user is required to have a calm mind to enter the form; if experiencing intense rage it is nearly impossible to enter this transformation.

Consecutive Use - A flaw in this form was discovered during the Tournament between Universe 7(B) and 6 (C); if an individual hasn't fully perfected this form they will be unable to draw out more than 10% of its power after either a prolonged fight or the second time they enter it within a short duration.

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