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Super Saiyan Devil is saiyan transformation that Surpasses Super Saiyan 3, and is obtained by leeching the wickedness in the hearts of five evil Saiyans.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

The user's skin tone becomes darker, hair becomes a strong bluish-green, pupil slit, iris become green, and sclera become dark grey. Their muscle mass increases by not enough to hinder speed, and mobility. The hair becomes more demonic in appearance as two pieces become longer resembling horns, and gain a bright lime aura that is much more berserk than the aura of Super Saiyan God.

Usage and Power Edit

This form is powerful enough to fight against Saiyan beyond God Future Gohan, and was able to far against him in Super Saiyan Blue. Like Super Saiyan God; Super Saiyan Devil has a time limit, and takes time for user to get use to the form even if they've used it for years. If the user's heart becomes pure they'll also lose the ability to tap into the full potential of the form, and becomes harder for them to control.

Variations and advanced levels Edit

  • Dark Saiyan/Saiyan beyond Devil - The Dark Saiyan state is power which possesses the raw might of Super Saiyan Devil
  • Super Saiyan Devil Super Saiyan (Orange) - This form allows one to further the Super Saiyan Devil form by combining its power with the Super Saiyan transformation.