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Super Mystic Saiyan God
Alternate names Ultimate Super Saiyan God
Debut The Savior Has Come!
Appears in Legend of the Saiyan God
Inventor N/A
Users Kaego
Class Transformation
Color      ,       &       (Kaego)
Similar techniques God Unleashed
Super Mystic Saiyan God, also called Ultimate Super Saiyan God, is the result of a fusion being in a combination form of Potential Unleashed and Super Saiyan, then adding God Ki to the mix and pushing their power to its limit.



Regardless of who the fusees are, the user's hair color is a mixture of golden-blonde, blue, and their natural hair color in intermittent streaks.

The only known user's eye color was verdant, with their eyebrows being cyan.

Their aura is primarily blue with a black outline and streaks of yellow lightning.

Power & UsageEdit

This transformation does not give any inherent power boost and merely acts as a Godly Potential Unlock which fully releases any user's God Ki to their absolute limit.

This form can only be achieved by a Fusion.


High Ki Consumption - This form is very taxing on the user, draining them faster than Ultra Super Saiyan 3.


This transformation is tied with God Unleashed for the status of strongest form in Legend of the Saiyan God.

Unlike Super Saiyan God, this form can use Kaio-ken to push beyond its limits.

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