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Super 15
Super 15-1
Sūpā Jū Go
Alternate names #15
Artificial Super Human 15
Cyborg 15
Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
Race Android
Affiliations Android 22 (creator/ fusee)
Super 14 (accomplice)

Super 15 is an upcoming super villain in the online fan-manga Dragon Ball New Age. Super 15 is the 15th Super Series Model Android, completed by Android 22. Super 15, along with Super 14, was designed to serve Gero's vendetta against Goku, who overthrew the Red Ribbon Army as a child.

Super 14 and Super 15 are entirely synthetic android models with only a few bio-organic components, and both are powered by the two other parts of Android 22's Delta-Cell. As a result, their powers are far beyond any previous android.


Super 15 is completed by Microchip 22, a self-aware supercomputer, alongside Super 14. While they are led to believe that they are to kill the Super Warriors, their true goal is to serve as data collectors for Microchip 22 against the Super Warriors for his own body.


His main concern is his duty to take out Goku and his company, and he expresses a very cocky and mellow attitude. He can almost always be seen smirking at his opponents during battle. Like Super 14, he is designed specifically to combat Super Saiyans, but he is very non-chalant in his methods of combat, often allowing his opponents to get back up after he knocks them down, letting his opponent charge at him, and taunting them.

Special abilitiesEdit

  • Flight, the ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast, the most basic form of energy wave.
  • Multiple Ki Blast Volley, Super 15 launches wave after wave of energy beams at his opponents.
  • Android Barrier, Super 15 protects himself from harm by emitting a powerful aura of ki.
  • Super Compensation, Super 14 and Super 15 were designed specifically to counter anything a Super Saiyan might throw at them. As a result, they have been equipped with special compensators that allow Microchip 22 to differ their energy levels and fighting styles depending on their opponents. The compensator also collects and applies fight data to Super 15, meaning the longer Super 15 fights an opponent, the stronger he becomes.


As an android, Super 15 is extremely powerful. While his maximum power is weaker than an Ascended Super Saiyan 4, his previous incorporated fight data, as well as his Super Compensator, allows him to overpower his opponents. Even a 2nd Grade Ascended SSJ4 seems only equaled to Super 15 due to his enhancements.

However, due to a built-in failsafe, Super 15's Compensator shuts down when he tries to fight Android 22.


  • Super 15 is one of few androids that does not bear the Red Ribbon insignia.
  • The fates of the original 14 and 15 seem entwined with Super 14 and Super 15, as both of them have had their components absorbed by another android.