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Son Gokusff

  • Saiyan
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Aliases:
  • Son Goku
  • Kakarrot
  • Date of Birth
  • Age 737 (anime)
  • Age 739 (Manga)
  • Date of Death
  • Age 761 (Revived in Age 762)
  • Age 766 (Revived in Age 774)
  • Debut
  • Manga: Dragon Ball Chapter 1
  • Anime: Dragon Ball Episode 1
  • Affiliations
  • Future Goku (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Bardock (father)
  • Gine (mother)
  • Raditz (brother)
  • Bagge (paternal grandfather)
  • Grandpa Gohan (adoptive grandfather)
  • Chi-Chi (wife)
  • Ox King (father-in-law)
  • Chichi's Mother (mother-in-law)
  • Gohan (son
  • Videl (daughter-in-law)
  • Pan (granddaughter)
  • Goku Jr. (Descendant)
  • Maaku (grandson)
  • Goten (Son)
  • Valese (daughter-in-law)
  • Gochan (grandson)
  • Present Cell (modified clone)
  • Krillin (life long best friend)
  • Master Roshi (mentor)
  • Korin (mentor)
  • Mr. Popo (mentor)
  • Kami (mentor)
  • King Kai (mentor)
  • Vegeta (Fusse and rival)
  • Whis (mentor)
  • Uub (later known as Majuub) (student)
  • Old Kai (mentor)
  • Shenron (Fusse)
  • Azure (Mentor)
  • Agon (Mentor)

  • Goku (孫 悟空, Son Gokū) is Son Goku (Japanese: 孫 悟空 Hepburn: Son Gokū) is a male Saiyan and main protagonist of the Dragon Ball meta-series created by Akira Toriyama. Initially believed to have been born on Earth, Goku later learns his true heritage and his birth name Kakarot (カカロット Kakarotto). As Goku grows up, he becomes the Earth's mightiest warrior and protects his adopted home planet from those who seek to harm it.

    Goku is the youngest son of Bardock and Gine, and the younger brother of Raditz.

    After marrying Ox King's daughter Chi-Chi, he later becomes a father and has two sons, Gohan and Goten.


    Goku is the spitting image of his father, Bardock, possessing an identical black hairstyle unique to himself and his father, however, he has a softer face and lighter pale skin complexion from his mother, Gine.


    Goku is known for his cheerful, energetic personality and his love for competition and eating. He takes most situation in stride, rarely letting things get him worked; the first time he lost his tail, while initially freaking out, he instantly got over it. He will eat anything.

    He has remarkable intuition to see the good in others in spite of their actions, though his capacity for forgiving has occasionally been criticized as excessive even to a fault and has lead to harm and death to those he cares about in extreme occasions; though Goku mostly fights to win, he often spares his enemies even if they in turn attack him.

    Goku is pure of heart, possessing no negative feelings or thoughts. He is also shown to be very innocent since childhood, because of growing up in Mount Paozu and not having met anyone other than his grandpa until he meets Bulma. During his childhood, he had difficulty telling the difference between a male and a female without physically touching them, which often gets him into trouble, until he eventually outgrew this once old enough to understand the difference.

    In the anime, Goku has been shown to have a fear for needles.

    Bardock: The Father of Goku (Television Special)Edit

    Goku Baby

    Kakarot (Goku) being to sent to Earth from planet vegeta

    Kakarot was born on Planet Vegeta during a time of great turmoil in Age 737. At birth he was ranked as a Low Class Warrior. Like all Saiyans from Universe 7, Goku was born with the saiyan tail.

    Kakraot being named Son Goku after being found by Son Gohan

    Due to Saiyan customs, Kakarot was task with with conquering the Earth and send into space in a Space pod. Kakarot's parents disappears along with their home planet's destruction at the hands of Frieza shortly after Goku's departure to Earth. After crash-landing on Earth, the baby was found in the woods by an old man named Gohan and became his adopted grandson. He is given the Earthling name, "Son Goku".

    Pre-Dragon BallEdit


    Grandpa Gohan taking care of a injured Goku

    At first, he was an extremely violent and ill-tempered boy, not obeying Gohan at all, but one day he fell down a ravine and suffered head trauma that sent him into a coma and nearly killed him. After he recovers, Goku's personality has completely changed, going from being a violent to a good-tempered little boy.

    Gohan trains him in Martial Arts, teaching him techniques such as the Jan Ken Technique, and giving him the Power Pole. He is seemly normal except for his ignorance of the world (which is demonstrated numerous times, often in humorous ways). But Gohan has made him aware about such things as the cities outside Mt. Paozu.


    Grandpa Gohan and Goku

    Goku developed the impression that his birth parents abandoned him in the mountains as a baby leaving him for Gohan to discover. One night, Gohan witnesses Goku's full moon transformation and told him to never go out when there's a full moon. Another night Goku kills his grandfather by accident after transforming into a Great Ape, having no  memory of the incident.


    All of these events take place within this main timeline apart of the Extended Universe:

    Jaco: The Galactic Patrolman Dragon Ball

    • Emperor Pialf Saga
    • The Tournament Saga
    • Red Ribbon Army Saga
    • General Blue Saga
    • Commander Red Saga
    • Fortune Teller  Baba Saga
    • Tien Shinhan Saga
    • King Piccolo Saga

    Dragon Ball Z

    • Dead Zone (Movie) (Note - Dead Zone is altered in Dragon Ball SF. Master Roshi, Krillin and Bulma are absent and Goku instead uses his Dragon radar to find Gohan at Garlic Jr's fortress. he used the Dragon radar given to him from bulma during the King Piccolo Saga of Dragon Ball.)
    • Raditz Saga
    • Vegeta Saga
    • Namek Saga
    • Captain Ginyu Saga
    • Frieza Saga
    • Garlic Jr. Saga
    • Trunks Saga
    • Cooler's Revenge (Movie)
    • Android Saga
    • Imperfect Cell Saga
    • Perfect Cell Saga
    • Cell Games Saga
    • Bojack Unbound (Movie)
    • Other World Saga
    • Great Saiyaman Saga
    • World Tournament Saga
    • Babidi Saga
    • Majin Buu Saga
    • Fusion Saga
    • Kid Buu Saga
    • Wrath of the Dragon (Movie) (Note - the ending of Wrath of the Dragon is altered in Dragon Ball SF. Tapion is given a spaceship instead of a Time Machine. Before he leaves for Planet Konats, and he gives Trunks his sword.)
    • Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return!!! (Jump Special)
    • Peaceful World Saga

    Dragon Ball Super

    • God of Destruction Beerus Saga
    • Golden Frieza Saga
    • Universe 6 Saga
    • Copy Vegeta Saga
    • Future Trunks Saga
    • Universe Survival Saga
    • Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Movie)

    Dragon Ball GT

    • Black Star Dragon Ball Saga
    • Baby Saga
    • Super 17 Saga
    • Shadow Dragon Saga
    • A Hero's Legacy (TV Special)

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    Azure and After Future Saga:Edit


    Goku with Shenron in Dragon Ball SF

    After the climax of the fight with Omega Shenron, Goku makes a promise in secret with Shenron in order to meet Azure. After leaving Earth, Goku awakes in the Divine Realm. After keeping his promise with Shenron, they merge along with the Dragon Balls resulting Goku regaining his Adult Body.

    Dragon Ball SF Volume 1 Page 922

    Super Saiyan Goku vs. Azure

    Not long afterwards, Goku soon meets Agon, who is revealed to be a Shin-jin and a attendant. After arriving at Azure's palace, he is introduced to the Grand Supreme Kai, who once rivaled Beerus in strength. After being offered a change to test out his current strength, Goku starts off as a Super Saiyan launching a strong punch that Azure easily catches with one hand.


    Super Saiyan 2 Goku in Dragon Ball SF

    Soon afterwards Goku charges and unleash a barrage of punches. Azure uses his Divine Gun, but Goku manages to escape the blast by transforming using Instant Transmission. After Transforming into Super Saiyan 2, Goku prepare to use a Super Kamehameha, But he is attacked by the Grand Supreme Kai from behind with a fierce strike.


    Super Saiyan 3 Goku in Dragon Ball SF

    Shortly after, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 and launch a Super Kamehameha towards Azure in anger. After Azure slaps the blast aside, Goku is punched in the face with a very hard punch knocking him out of his Super Saiyan 3 form and back to normal.

    Dragon Ball SF Volume 1 Page 2111

    Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Dragon Ball SF

    Out of opitions, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 4 and prepares to make a final stand against Azure. Azure grows impress and uses 10% of his true power. After a power struggle occurs between Goku's 10x Kamehameha and Azure's True Divine Gun as huge exploison enrupts cancelling out both attacks. After becoming exhausted, Goku passes out and is later healed by Agon's magic.


    Super Saiyan God Goku in Dragon Ball SF

    After meeting the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa, Goku is seen eating after being explained Nature Trainin from Azure and Agon. Before he could begin the training, he must first reawaken his Super Saiyan God form. A Month later, Goku has finished the Nature Training with Agon.


    • Mimicry – The ability to copy others' techniques after seeing them performed once.
    • Jan Ken:  Also known as Rock, Scissors n' Paper. It was created by Master Roshi. Goku learned it from Grandpa Gohan. An attack in which Goku delivers either a strong punch, a poke in the eyes, or an open palm strike.
    • Power Pole: A magical staff that can extend to very long lengths. It was owned by Korin, and it's true purpose is to allow a person to travel from Korin Tower to Kami's Lookout. It was lost long ago by Korin and found by Master Roshi years later, Master Roshi gives it to Grandpa Gohan, and then Grandpa Gohan gives it to Goku.
    • Power Pole Combo - a rush attack with the power pole.
    • Nimbus Cloud: A magical cloud that allows pure hearted beings to use it as a means of transportation.
    • Kamehameha: Also known as the Turtle Destruction Wave. It is Goku's signature attack, even though it was invented by Master Roshi. Goku first learned this technique after witnessing Roshi use it to extinguish the fire on Fire Mountain.
    • After Image Technique: A technique in which the user makes up to 3 holograms of himself/herself to confuse the enemy. If the opponent hits the wrong image, the user will then jump out and attack the foe while his/her back is turned.
    • Chou Makouhou - used by Goku while as a Great Ape
    • Chou Makouhou Barrage - a barrage mouth blast attack used as a Great Ape.
    • Tail-Helicopter  – Goku swings his tail in a circle fast enough to hover and fly freely. Used only once, in his fight against Jackie Chun in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.
    • Tornado!: Goku spins while rushing on the opponent to attack him/her.
    • Crazy Fist: Also known as Saru-Ken, and Crazy Monkey Technique. A technique used to counter Master Roshi's Drunken Boxing Technique.
    • Phantom Star: Goku learned from him during his training around the world from Master Chin of the Chin Star School.
    • Mid-Air Stop – While falling to the ground, Goku exhales deeply in order to keep himself suspended in the air long enough to dodge.
    • Hasshu Ken: King Chappa's signature attack. A technique used to counter Tien's Four Witches Technique.
    • Bending Kamehameha – A version of the Kamehameha for which the user can change the course, allowing the user to surprise his or her opponent.
    • Penetrate!: Goku unleashes a one hand Kamehameha into the ground to propel him into the air and closes in and charges through his opponent with all of his remaining energy in his fist.
    • Ki Sense: The ability to sense Ki. Goku learned this ability after drinking the Ultra Divine Water. He later fully mastered the Technique after undergoing training with Kami and Mr. Popo for three years to prepare to face Piccolo at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.
    • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
    • Finger Beam - The user holds out their index finger and releases an energy beam from their fingertip.
    • Energy Wave - A ki blast wave.
    • Bukujutsu - The ability to use Ki for Flight. This was taught to Goku during his training with Kami and Mr. Popo.
    • Kiai: A Ki Attack omitted from the palm of his hand.
    • Solar Flare – The user spreads and places their fingers on their foreheads, discharging a blinding flash of light.
    • Explosive Wave - A burst of strong ki emitted from the body.
    • Super Kamehameha – An advanced and more powerful version of the Kamehameha.
    • Meteor Combination: A barrage of punches and kicks, delivered to the opponent at full speed, then a punch to the gut, then Goku dives into the air and launches a Super Kamehameha down towards the opponent. This was used against Piccolo in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.
    • Flying Kamehameha – An aerial version of the Kamehameha.
    • Full Nelson: this attack was Executed by performing half nelsons with both arms. Goku used this once during the fight against Raditz.
    • Kaio-ken Finsh – First, Goku charges at the opponent and kicks them up into the air. Then, he flies up after the opponent and double axe-handle punches them down to the ground. Next, he powers up to his Kaio-ken technique as he charges down at the opponent and double-punches them in their back. Finally, Goku quickly lands on the ground and catches the opponent on their back before throwing them onto the ground, inflicting a great deal of damage.
    • Kaio-ken Attack – Goku powers up to Kaio-ken x3 as he charges at the opponent and roundhouse kicks them up into the air. Then, he flies up in the air and punches the opponent away. Next, he flies up over the opponent and down behind to double kick them further up into the air. Finally, Goku flies up into the air around the opponent and hook kicks them down into the ground, inflicting a huge amount of damage.
    • Kaio-Ken Kamehamhea – A combination of the Kiao-ken and Super Kamehameha that inflicts extreme damage depending on what Kaio-ken level he is using for the attack.
    • Spirit Bomb: Users of the Spirit Bomb gather huge amounts of energy from all chosen surrounding life forms and inanimate objects to conduct that energy into a massive sphere of astounding destructive power.
    • Telekinesis – He uses this while in a hospital to take water out of a glass until Chi-Chi interrupts his concentration.
    • Telepathy – A technique that Goku taught himself.
    • Mind Reading – First shown in "Goku's New Power", somewhere along the trip to Namek, Goku taught himself how to read the minds of others, by placing his palm on their head.
    • Spirit Shot: A discharge of Kiai that can cause a shock wave to his opponents on the moment of impact.
    • Dragon Throw: A grapple throw attack first used on Frieza in his Final Form in Dragon Ball Z.
    • Energy Barrier: An energy shield used by Goku through the use of using his Ki in order to repel off attacks from his opponent.
    • Double Axe Handle – The user cups their hands together and reels back, then slams their fists on the opponent.
    • Pressure Point Attack - The technique to knock out the opponent in one strike.
    • Saiyan Power- A Saiyan genetic trait that allows their performance to continually increase against adversity, enabling them to heal faster and simultaneously improve compared to before.
    • Ginyu Fighting Pose: Technique (2) – Used when imitating Captain Ginyu at the beginning of their battle on Namek.
    • Invisible Eye Blast: Goku has the ability to shoot A invisible blast of Ki from his eyes.
    • Twin Dragon Shot – A double energy sphere controlled version of the Kamehameha.
    • Continuous Kamehameha: Also known as the Super Energy Wave Volley. A barrage of energy waves launching rapidly from both hands.
    • 'High Speed Movement -  also known as Rapid Movement'. Goku moves with great speed, which creates the illusion of teleportation.
    • Wild Sense  - a advance version of High Speed Movement.
    • Meteor Strike is a Rush attack used by Goku.
    • Meteor Smash: A Rush Attack performed by Goku in his Super Saiyan form, during his battle against Frieza in his Final Form.
    • Ki Transfer – Goku can grant some of his energy to a wounded person to restore some of their energy.
    • Instant Transmission: Goku learns this technique on the Planet Yardat after his battle with Frieza. This technique allows him to teleport to any location so long as he can find an energy source to home onto
    • Super Explosive Wave: A burst of Ki emitted from the entire body, causing an explosion.
    • Instant Kamehamhea – A combination of the Instant Transmission and Super Kamehameha.
    • Large Spirit Bomb:  A larger and more powerful version of the Spirit Bomb, in which Goku stores the energy in the form of a giant light blue energy sphere in the sky.
    • Double Kamehameha – A two-handed version of the Kamehameha.
    • Ki Burst Sphere – Goku raises one hand in the air and creates a yellow sphere of Ki. Then he throws it at the opponent, causing the sphere to disappear into the opponent's body and create a brightly colored explosion.
    • Miracle Blow - A powerful punch used by Goku to defeat Broly in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.
    • Instant Spirit Bomb - A combination of the Instant Transmission and Spirit Bomb.
    • Meteor Crash - A rush attack used against Majin Vegeta, while as a Super Saiyan 2.
    • Fusion Dance: The ability to fuse through a dance, invented by the Metamorans, for a fixed period of time.
    • Destructo Disk: Krillin's signature attack, Goku learned this technique after observing Krillin perform the attack.
    • Meteor Blast: A Rush Attack used on Kid Buu, while Goku was transformed into a Super Saiyan 2.
    • Meteor Impact: A Rush Attack used on Majin Buu, while Goku was transformed into a Super Saiyan 3.
    • True Kamehameha – a more powerful version of the Super Kamehameha.
    • Power up to the Very Limit – Used to power up to his Super Saiyan 3 form's maximum in the final battle with Kid Buu
    • Super Spirit Bomb: a larger and more powerful version of the Large Spirit Bomb, which is directly powered by the energy of the living beings and Goku needs them to raise their hands to accumulate their energy.
    • Dragon Fist: A technique that generates a giant gold serpentine dragon from Goku’s charging body and extended fist that will attack and ensnare the target.
    • Regeneration - Super Saiyan God Goku is able to regenerate by pouring his fiery ki into his wounds.
    • God Power - An Super Explosive Wave made of Godly Ki.
    • Headshot - The raises his hand over his opponent's head, and proceeds to flick them on the forehead.
    • Energy Nullification – During his battle with Beerus, Goku learned how to nullify the negative damaging effects of their clash.
    • Super God Fist – The user charges up ki in his hand, then launches forth with a punch to the opponent's face, dealing a large amount of damage.
    • Rebirth Kamehameha - a powerful variation of the Kamehameha used as a Super Saiyan God.
    • Can You Follow Me? – First, Goku teleports in front of the opponent and attacks with a strong left punch. He then attacks the opponent with several high-speed punches and kicks. Goku finishes the attack by knocking the enemy away with a left-hook kick, inflicting a huge amount of damage
    • Godly ki sense - Since godly ki cannot be sensed by regular beings, gaining the ability to sense godly kimust be learned separate.
    • Godly Ki mastery – Goku can change the nature of his Ki to that of the gods, increasing his power drastically. With the Godly Ki.
    • Super God Shock Flash - also known as One Inch Punch. A powerful one-inch punch utilized developed by Goku after achieving Super Saiyan Blue.
    • Burst Kamehameha - also known as God Kamehameha – a powerful variation of the Kamehameha used as a Super Saiyan Blue.
    • 10x Kaio-ken Burst Kamehameha - also known as 10x Kaio-ken God Kamehameha – a more powerful version of the Burst Kamehameha..
    • Evil Containment Wave – An energy technique that binds a target in a swirling stream of green energy before being guided into a container. It also requires a special sealing tag to properly complete the sealing.
    • 20x Kaio-ken Burst Kamehameha - also known as 20x Kaio-ken God Kamehameha – another powerful version of the Burst Kamehameha.
    • Hakai - Goku learned to perform the Hakai technique after having seen Beerus use it. Due to not having the proper training no might, Goku requires to put all of his divien power into his hand and release it at once, making it a one-time use attack which will leave him fully drained
    • Dancing Twin Dragon Blast - A twin energy ball attack.
    • Final Kamehameha - A combination of Goku's Kamehameha and Vegeta's Final Flash.
    • Super Saiyan God- Blue Swtiching - Goku rapidly switch between the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms in order to utilize Super Saiyan Blue's power to its full potential.
    • Universe 7 Spirit Bomb - A Super Spirit Bomb powered by every member of Team Universe 7 (except Vegeta).
    • Ultra Instinct - Goku began learning this from Whis. During the Tournament of Power, Goku unlocked a special state, enabling him to put to usage Whis’ teachings, but only defensively.
    • Energy Surfing - A technique allowing the user to ride the waves of an energy beam by using their initial energy charge as a board to ride on. Goku used this against Kefla and Jiren.
    • Imperfect Instinct Kamehameha - A Kamehameha wave performed with much more energy output and force than even a God Kamehameha. Much like its original version, it can be manipulated to the user's advantage.
    • Energy Landmine – Goku drops from his hands small energy spheres that explode at contact. It was first used against Jiren as a distraction.
    • Destructo Disc Hexa Blade - The user fires what appears to be a single Destructo Disc, which ends up splitting into five separate discs to home in on the foe multiple times.
    • Unpolished Instinct  - Goku launches a high-speed combination of punches and kicks, battering his target from all sides before kneeing them away. After following his combination up with a massive Kamehameha, Goku charges through the blast to deliver one final, devastating punch to his target.
    • Silver Dragon Flash - Ultra Instinct Goku's ultimate attack, Goku uses it to attack Jiren after the Pride Trooper tries to attack the eliminated members of Team Universe 7.
    • Soaring Fist - While in Ultra Instinct, Goku delivers a powerful blow with his fist releasing a massive shockwave that travels considerable distance.
    • Supreme Kamehameha - A Kamehameha fired with far more force and intensity than the Imperfect Instinct.
    • Godly Display - Ultra Instinct Goku's ultimate attack, a large silver energy sphere charged with one hand and then thrown.
    • Goku and Frieza's Finisher - Goku (who is flashing between his base form and Super Saiyan) and Frieza - who have both gone well beyond their limits - utilize a powered up Nova Strike to ram into their opponent in order to create a massive explosion.
    • Super Meteor Crash - A rush attack used against Super Baby Vegeta 2 as a Super Saiyan 4.
    • 10x Kamehameha – Goku fires a power Kamehameha 10 times stronger while as a Super Saiyan 4.
    • Energy Absorption - The ability to absorp the power from a ki-based attack.
    • Self Destruction - a suicide attack used on Super 17 and almost against Omega Shenron.
    • Dragon Fist Finish - Goku used this version of the Dargon Fist to defeat Super 17
    • Super Dragon Fist: Another version of the Dragon Fist used to defeat Eis Shenron by Super Saiyan 4
    • Dragon Hammer: A combination of the 10x Kamehameha and the Super Dragon Fist used in an attempt to defeat Omega Shenron.
    • Universal Spirit Bomb– The final and most powerful version of the Spirit Bomb that draws its phenomenal power from energy sources across all of Universe 7.

    Great Ape

    160px-Oozaru Goku

    Goku as a Great Ape

    A Saiyan transformation introduced in Dragon Ball. Like all Saiyans, Goku can transform into A Great Ape (Oozaru) when he sees the Full Moon while he possesses his tail, though every time it wasn't at will.

    Because this tail was removed permanently in Dragon Ball by Kami, this transformation was never seen used by Goku until Dragon Ball GT after Old Kai restores his saiyan tail.

    Unlock Potential


    Goku's Unlock Potential

    After drinking the Ultra Divine Water, Goku's true potential was released, apparently giving him access to all of his power as a Great Ape in his base form. This causes the image of a Great Ape to surround him on multiple occasions, signifying Goku's hidden power having been released



    Goku using Kaio-ken

    Goku learns this technique after dying against Raditz while training under King Kai. While using it and any of its multipliers proportionally increase all his capacities, the strain of using it for too long can be dangerous. As such, he ceased using it after his gaining Super Saiyan. While he can combine the two powers, Goku never tried this while alive as doing so could lead to near-certain death.

    Captain Ginyu's Body


    Goku in Captain Ginyu's Body

    During the Battle on Namek, Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force, used his body Change technique to switch bodies with Goku. Goku was gravely injured while in Ginyu's body due to Ginyu causing a severe wound on his own body just prior to Ginyu switching bodies. Due to this, plus the brief length of time that Goku was in Ginyu's body, his full capabilities in this form are unknown.

    Super Saiyan


    Super Saiyan Goku in Dragon Ball Z

    The first core Super Saiyan transformation introduced in Dragon Ball Z. The appearance of a Super Saiyan manifests in the user's body. Goku gains a slight increase in muscle and height and hiss skin turns lighter. His eyes become noticeably sterner and more defined with green eyes. His hair also becomes blond and stands with no lose strands.. Goku's demeanor is greatly affected by this form, making him more aggressive and irritable. This form multiples Goku's base power 50 fold. Goku achieves this powerful transformation in a rage after Frieza kills Krillin. 

    In Dragon Ball Super, after his fight with the God of Destruction Beerus, Goku realizes that fully mastering his Super Saiyan form would cause it to eventually raise his level more than his higher Super Saiyan forms, and sap less of his strength. 

    During the Universal Survival Saga, Goku - who had gone well beyond his limits - was able to flash between base and Super Saiyan to defeat Jiren alongside Frieza


    Super Saiyan Goku in Dragon Ball GT

    After being wished into a child during Dragon Ball GT, Goku can still transform into a Super Saiyan. However, he is unable to maintain the form for as long as he can in his adult body, though still long enough to endure a grueling battle However, after his tail is restored, he became able to maintain the form for as long as he can normally can in a similar to his adult body.

    Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

    Ascended Super Saiyan

    Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

    An advancement in the power of the original Super Saiyan state. While training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku achieved this form of Super Saiyan. However, although this new power up would not take as much of a heavy hit on his speed as the successor would, he decides that staying transformed like this demands far too much Ki to be spent, and so decides that the regular Super Saiyan is best suited for combat, and makes a plan for him and Gohan to master it before leaving the chamber. The characteristics of an Super Saiyan 2nd Grade, causes the muscles to swell up a bit, and the golden aura increases.

    Super Saiyan 3rd Grade

    Dai san 222

    Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan 3rd Grade

    An even stronger advancement in the power of the original Super Saiyan state. After ascending into a Super Saiyan 2nd Grade, Goku also reached this form of a Super Saiyan while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. the drawbacks of this form result in speed decrease and increased muscle size restricts movement.

    Super Saiyan - Full Power

    Yz n

    Super Saiyan - Full Power Son Goku

    After realizing the weaknesses inherent to the higher Super Saiyan grades, Goku concluded that mastery over the basic Super Saiyan form would be more advantageous and went on to improve his endurance in that form. To which, he trained to maintain Super Saiyan form for extended periods of time, gradually overcoming the heightened aggression that accompanies this form and reducing the energy drain to nearly nothing, thus achieving a max output for a Super Saiyan without drawbacks.

    This allows him to fight at his full potential and not lose energy like an untrained Super Saiyan. After dropping out of Super Saiyan God, Goku manages to retain some of the Super Saiyan god powers while transformed into a Super Saiyan. After he mastered the energy of a god in this state making him incredibly powerful he eventually attained Super Saiyan Blue.

    Super Kaio-ken: 


    Super Kaio Ken Son Goku

    A combination of the Kaio-ken and Super Saiyan. Goku uses this technique while fighting in the Ano-yoichi Budōkai against Pikkon. By using the power of Kaio-ken while in his Super Saiyan form, Goku doubles his Super Saiyan capacities. Due to the strain of using the Kaio-Ken on top of Super Saiyan, even with his perfect control of the form, it was too dangerous for Goku to use it while alive as even the little buildup of emotions while transformed could prove devastating to him.

    Super Saiyan 2


    Super Saiyan 2 Goku in Dragon Ball Z

    The second core Super Saiyan transformation introduced in Dragon Ball Z. This transformation multiples Goku's power 100 fold. Goku achieved this transformation at some time after Cell's defeat while in the Other World. The characteristics of a Super Saiyan 2 result in Goku gaining some changes; his hair grows longer and spikier, his forehead has only three bangs over it, making his hair more defined than his other previous Super Saiyan forms, along with disappearing hair strands surrounding the forehead which are exclusive to this form. His muscles also become more defined and his aura also generates electricity surrounding his body, while the aura grows markedly larger and more vibrant.


    Super Saiyan 2 Goku in Dragon Ball Super

    It was first briefly seen when Goku powers up to overflow Yakon with energy, as Vegeta notes. Goku first makes full usage of this form against Majin Vegeta. In Dragon Ball Super, Goku displays mastery of the form similar to regular Super Saiyan. He reserves this form for opponents he takes semi-seriously, usually as a means to better gauge his opponent's might.

    Goku GT SSJ2

    Goku (GT) using Super Saiyan 2

    After being turned into a child during Dragon Ball GT, Goku uses this form as a kid only to guard against an attack by General Rilldo. late he briefly appears in as a Super Saiyan 2 while powering up to transform into Super Saiyan 3 while fighting Baby Vegeta in his Strognest Form 2.

    Super Saiyan 3


    Super Saiyan 3 Goku

    Goku achieved this level in Other World as he could put unlimited energy into his transformation. This form multiples Goku power 400 times his base. Goku achieved this level after years of training in Other World, where he could put unlimited energy into his transformation. Goku is first used this transformation against Innocent Buu during the Majin Buu Saga, where he had slight advantage over the Majin. However, the transformation is extremely draining in terms of energy due to the living world having less energy to siphon. These heavy disadvantages make it impractical to use this form out of the afterlife and even more while alive.

    Super Saiyan 3 Goku in Dragon Ball Super

    In Dragon Ball Super, these energy-sapping issues appear to be circumvented by Goku, through the utilization of Super Saiyan 3 in an extremely sporadic fashion for quick power boosts to overwhelm enemies (E.g. during his sparring bout with Future Trunks). Using the form in this way does not appear to have the same exhaustive effect on the user that it does have when used for prolonged periods of time.
    GT Goku SSj3

    Super Saiyan 3 Goku in Dragon Ball GT

    The energy drain issues are exacerbated even further when Goku is turned back into a child in Dragon Ball GT. at one poin, he could only hold the transformation for a couple of seconds and struggles to utilize the power against Baby Vegeta. This limit was somewhat lifted after Goku's Saiayn tail was restored with the help of Old Kai. This allowed him to sustain the form for a longer duration, though he was still no match for Baby Vegeta in his Strongest Form 2.

    Super Saiyan God

    God 1

    Super Saiyan God Goku

    Super Saiyan God is a Saiyan transformation beyond the core Super Saiyan Transformations. Goku achieves this form with the help of the five other Saiyans, and uses it against Beerus. Goku's appearance in this form is slimmer with bright red hair shaped similar to that of his base form, red irises, slightly thinner, and a darker skin tone. His aura generates like an orange flame. 

    Despite the incredible power, Goku soon after reverts to base form due to the form's time limit. Despite dropping out of Super Saiyan God, Goku retained some of the power, letting him continue fighting Beerus. Through further training Goku learned to properly access and control this residual power, ultimately restoring its full properties access this form at any time

    God-like Saiyan

    Goku (Saiyan Beyond God)

    Saiyan beyond Son Goku

    After experiencing the power of Super Saiyan God, Goku gained the ability to use the raw might of this god-like power without changing form. When in this state, while his physical appearance remains unchanged, his ki can be manifested as a pure white aura. If Goku tries to become a Super Saiyan he will instead become Super Saiyan Blue.

    Super Saiyan Blue

    SSGSS Goku DBZ- Resurrection F

    Super Saiyan Blue Goku

    the form is also known as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. After training with Whis, Goku learned to synchronize Super Saiyan with Super Saiyan God, causing him to become a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, more commonly known as Super Saiyan Blue. This form is identical to Super Saiyan, only with cyanish-blue hair and a blue aura shaded with some gold. The form's power surpasses Super Saiyan God and is a level beyond that offers increased levels of ki and emotional control. Goku learns to enhance the transformation's power through different means, including using the Kiaio-ken.

    Kaio-ken: Super Saiyan Blue


    Kaio-ken Super Saiyan Blue Goku

    Thanks to the Super Saiyan Blue form's great ki and emotional control, Goku can utilize Kaio-ken alongside it with far less risk. While treated as a power up in the anime, it is its own form in video games. In this state, Goku gains a double aura, leaving Goku to appear as a normal Super Saiyan Blue with his blue over while a larger red aura surrounds it.

    When pushing the multiplier up to x10, Goku's blue hair appears several shades lighter than normal almost white, and his skin appears to be illuminated by the Kaio-ken's aura to a light shade of red or pink.

    By the Future Trunks Saga, Goku had mastered this technique up to a x20, as his form showed no instability, indicating that his control over it is on par with his base Kaio-ken and thereby no major strain. During the Univerasl Survival Saga, during the second fight against Jiren, Goku was able to empowering this state to push himself beyond his previous usage and thus breaking his limit.

    Zamasu's Body


    Goku in Zamasu's Body in Dragon Ball Super

    In an erased timeline, Zamasu, giving into his hatred of mortals, came to desire Goku's power, which was considered to rival the Gods of Destruction. Using the Super Dragon Balls, Zamasu swapped bodies with Goku, obtaining all the inherit powers and abilities of the Saiyan. It remains unclear if Goku obtained any of Zamasu's powers through his Shinjin body as Zamasu seemingly retained his original powers and abilities once becoming Black on top of acquiring Goku's. Regardless, Goku in Zamasu's body proved powerless against Black as he effortlessly killed Goku in only base form.

    Ultra Instinct -Sign-

    DBS 116 Goku UIO

    Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku

    A state that was attained during the Tournament of Power. Using the Universe 7's Spirit Bomb as a catalyst, Goku broke through the shell of his normal limits to unlock a deeper portion of his potential. This state's appearance seems a blend between Goku's base and Super Saiyan form. His hair stands up somewhat, becoming more wild in shape and defined with no loose strands, but otherwise essentially remains the same

    This state's appearance seems a blend between Goku's base and Super Saiyan form. His hair stands up somewhat, becoming more wild in shape and defined with no loose strands, but otherwise essentially remains the same. His eyes become more defined and sterner in shape, while also gaining silver irises. His aura becomes a complex, silvered aura with silver spark appearance. In this state, Goku's strength, speed, and reflexes are greatly augmented. The highlight of this form is access to Ultra Instinct enabling him to process information far quicker and efficiently to learn, react, and adapt to all he experiences. It also greatly enhances Goku's natural growth rate. Goku is constantly evolving in this state, and his attacks keep getting noticeably quicker, sharper and heavier with every skirmish.

    Ultra Instinct

    DBS 130 Goku UI

    Ultra Instinct Goku

    Once finally understanding Whis' words behind self-movement, Goku learned to let go of all self-doubt and live for the moment. Once fully synchronizing his impulses with his natural drive, Goku became able to subconsciously unlock the full potential of his offensive and defensive might. This culminates with Goku's silver glow consuming him. In this state, his hair turns silver and skin tone becomes more ethereal in nature. The power in this form is vastly greater than his initial state of Ultra Instinct that it completely shreds away his shirt and left all the grand deities of the universes in awe at his power. In this state, Goku is shown such fine control of his ki able to calmly repel and contain any energy assault thrown at him. He can unleash barrages of his energy in focused shockwaves and cancel out all but the strongest of attacks. This form can also channel his rage to staggering new levels.

    In the Ultra Instinct state, Goku's might ranks among the most powerful entities in all the multiverse. However, this form cannot be maintain for more than a few minutes. After passing the time limit, Goku's body will give out, leaking out his energy in ravaging manner that will severely injure him and regress to his base form.

    Despite learning to use this state at its fullest, Goku cannot access it at will, but rather only as an instinctual reaction to the most dire of situations.

    Golden Great Ape


    Golden Great Ape Goku in Dragon Ball GT

    A far stronger transformation form of a Great Ape seen in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. This state is attained by Saiyans who have a tail, along with the ability to become a Super Saiyan. It is the result of a Saiyan in Great Ape form becoming a Super Saiyan. Aside from their fur being golden-colored and standing on end, the Saiyan's appearance is identical to that of a regular Great Ape. Additionally, a golden, crackling aura is sometimes visible around the user.

    Super Saiyan 4


    Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Dragon Ball GT

    A Super Saiyan transformation seperate from the core Super Saiyan forms. This form gives the user the priml power strrength and speed of a Great Ape, but with a calm, clever mind. But for others, it can make them very cold and aggressive

    The overwhelming power of this transformation is apparently great enough to overcome the Black Star Dragon Balls' power. The spell is only suppressed during the transformation, however. In addition to him being turned back into an adult temporarily, Goku's overall appearance changes yet again. His tail is easily visible and turns red, the hair becomes wild and long (not as long as a Super Saiyan 3), his eyes becomed lined with a red tint, his pupils turn golden yellow and red fur covers almost all of his body from head to toe resulting in a Saiyan/Ape Hybird. Also his clothes drastically changes as well.

    The only way a Saiyan can attain Super Saiyan 4 is if they become a Golden Great Ape and regain conscious control over the form. After this form is attained, it cannot usually be accessed at will..
    Super Saiyan 4 - Full Power


    Super Saiyan 4- Full Power Goku

    Goku first used this form in battle against Syn Shenron, taking energy from the Super Saiyans Gohan, Goten, and Trunks to restore his full power, but then continues to take in even more power from them to push his body past his limit - at the risk of it killing him. With the power of this form he is able to overwhelm Syn Shenron, the latter being no match for him in power.

    Goku's Change

    DragonballGT-Episode063 422

    Goku using Spirit Bomb

    After being apparently killed by Omega Shenron, Goku undergoes a change and is no longer the Goku he was before. In this state Goku is cloaked in an aura that won't let any attack near him. Goku may have been dead in this state, or he may have become something else entirely.



    Ryuu-ken Goku in Dragon Ball SF

    A Divine Transformation created by ancient Namekians introduced in the fan-manga called Dragon Ball SF. Agon taught Goku the technique durign his nature training in the Divine Realm. A combination of Super Saiyan God an d Shenron's divine Ki. While in this state, the user can temporary uses Shenron's power such as the eteranl dragon's ability to grant wishes.


    Vegito is is the product of a Potara Fusion between Vegeta and Goku. With the combined might of both Saiyans amplified to such immense levels. As it is not a fusion involving a Kai, the fusion lasts only 1 hour at most, rather than being permanent.


    Vegito Blue

    Originally, he was formed in desperation to defeat Super Buu, Vegito later reappears in Dragon Ball Super to fight Fused Zamasu, however, the intense power of Super Saiyan Blue Vegito proved too much for the Potara, forcing the fusion to end prematurely after only mere minutes.


    SSJ4 17

    Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

    Gogeta is the product of a Fusion Dance between Goku and Vegeta introduced in Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn. Gogeta later appears in Dragon Ball GT in the main timeline. As A Super Saiyan 4, Gogeta's newfound power was overwhelming, which proved to be a problem on both sides. While effortlessly pummeling Omega Shenron, Gogeta's existence only lasted for 10 minutes (due to the usage of Super Saiyan 4 form), as opposed to the usual 30 minutes. almost any foe many times over.




    Also known as Gotan.Gokule is the hypothetical potara fusion of Goku and Mr. Satan formed using Potaras introduced in Dragon Ball Z during the Fusion Saga.




    Den-Goku is the hypothetical potara fusion of Goku and Dende formed using Potaras introduced in Dragon Ball Z during the Fusion Saga..