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Son Gochan


1/2 Earthling, 1/2 Saiyan
Manga Name:
Son Gochan
  • : Dragon Ball SF Chapter #2
  • Date of Birth:
  • 790 Age
  • Date of Death:
  • 807 Age (Revived)
  • Family:
  • Goten (father)
  • Valese (mother)
  • Son Gochi (daughter)
  • Son Goku (Paternal grandfather)
  • Chi-chi (Paternal grandmother)
  • Son Gohan (uncle)
  • Pan (cousin)
  • Hyo (distant cousin)
  • Maaku (cousin)
  • Son Goku Jr. (distant cousin)
  • Bardock (paternal great grandfather)
  • Gine (paternal great grandmother)
  • Raditz (great uncle)
  • Bagge (paternal great great grandfather)
  • Ox King (maternal great great grandfather)
  • Chichi's Mother (maternal great great grandmother)
  • Grandpa Son Gohan (adoptive great great great grandfather)

  • Son Gochan (そのクチャン) is the son of Son Goten and Valese, that appears in Dragon Ball SF.

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    After Future and 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga Edit

    7 years later, is born to his parents.  Gochan loves the thrill of learning and performing martial arts. one day, Son Gochan and Shorin became Great Apes after looking at a Full Moon. Their tails were removed shortly after. \

    During the arrival of the 32nd Tenkaichi Budokai, Son Gochan undergoes training with Goku and Goten and eventually ascends into a Super Saiyan soon afterwards. During the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament, he competes in the Junior Division and makes it all the way to the final match and defeats Buma and becomes the new Junior World Champion.

     Nori, Gold Star Dragon Ball and Kobra Saga Edit


    Red corp., Android 22 and Super 22 SagaEdit


    Chocolay and Ark SagaEdit


    Techniques and Abilities Edit

    • Flying Nimbus: A magical cloud that allows a pure hearted being to use it as a means of transportation. Gochan used this to get around until he learned how to Fly.
    • Bukujutsu Technique: The ability to use Ki in order to fly.
    • Ki Sense: the ability to sense Ki.
    • Ki Blast: the most basic from of Ki Blasts.
    • Kamehameha: Gochan learned the Kamehameha Wave From his training with Goten. As a Super SaiyanGochan is able to perform a more advance version of the Super Kamehameha.
    • Ki Blast Cannon: A burst of Ki like wind emitted from the user's hand towards the foe.
    • Explosive Cannon: Also known as Explosive Masenko and Explosive Madan. A short range Energy Blast. Gochan learned this attack from his older brother, Gohan.
    • Full Power Energy Wave Volley: A rapid barrage of energy blastes.
    • Janken Attack: A rush attack invented by Grandpa Gohan. Gochan learned how to use this Fighting technique after training under his fatehr, Goku during his training to compete in the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament.
    • Explosive Wave: A burst of energy emitted from the entire body.
    • Super Explosive Wave: A a more advanced version of the Explosive Wave. Huge Burst of Energy released that could cause massive damage.
    • After Image Technique: Also known as Zanken. Gochan learned this from Master Roshi.
    • Wild Sense: A more advance version of the After Image Technique.

    Transformations and Power Ups Edit

    Great ApeEdit

    As a child, Gochan was able to transform into a Great Ape after looking at a Full Moon. However he is unable maintain control and becomes a wild and violent beast. When his tail is removed, he has no memory of ever taking the form and regresses back to his normal form.

    Super SaiyanEdit

    Gochan first transformed into a Super Saiyan during his training with Goku and Goten, to compete in the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament. The characteristics of Gochan's Super Saiyan transformation are slightly similar to his father, Goku's Super Saiyan in appearance. Gochan's hair becomes golden yellow and his body emits a golden Aura along with an increase in his strength.


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