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Explosive Shine
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Inventor Dogom
Users Dogom
Class Explosive Wave
Color       &      
Similar techniques Explosive Wave

Explosive Shine is an energy technique used by Dogom and Cuber. The user releases a small explosion from his body in all directions, stunning the opponent. Explosive Shine is most frequently utilized in tandem with physical strikes to produce devastating rush combinations. Dogom's has been known to push opponent's away at a slight downward angle, while Cuber's vertically launches his targets.


Like his grandfather's, Baochoi's Explosive Shine pushes his opponents away at a slightly downward angle.

Rush attacks that utilize Explosive ShineEdit


  • Infinite Explosive Shines – Dogom starts with a Drill Kick, followed by an immediate Explosive Shine that pushes the opponent away. He then follows the opponent with additional Explosive Shines, constantly knocking him/her/it away with each repeated Explosive Shine. Dogom eventually knocks the opponent into a cliffside, and then fires off barrages of Explosive Shines, with the occasional Drill Kick or Stun Blaster beam in between some Explosive Shines, pushing the opponent deeper into the wall. Dogom then reaches for the opponent with his right hand, grabs the opponent by the throat, and then tosses him/her/it behind him afar over the edge of another cliff. As the opponent attempts to fly back to Dogom, he drops over the edge of the lower cliff, jumps off of it, and then hits the opponent with one final Explosive Shine, incapacitating him/her/it. The intense gravity of Planet Vegeta then kills Dogom's opponent at the bottom of the canyon. Dogom specifically used this extensive sequence of attacks to kill the Tuffle commander Exitalia.

  • Ultimate Mixup Combo – Dogom starts with a left flying curved knee, followed by an immediate Explosive Shine that pushes the opponent away. He then strikes the opponent with a left flying side kick, turns around to vertically launch the opponent with a right scorpion kick, flies up to strike the opponent with a right flying back kick, which is then followed by another left flying side kick. Finally, Dogom throws a right flashkick into the opponent's torso, crushing his opponent's bones and internal organs while sending the opponent flying. Dogom specifically uses this rush attack to kill Buto.


  • Grounded Explosive Shine – Cuber grabs his opponent by the throat with his right hand, uses his another hand to help lift the opponent up over his head, slams the opponent into the ground, jumps over the opponent while firing a barrage of Stun Blaster beams downwards at the opponent, and then launches the opponent vertically with an Explosive Shine as he lands. Cuber uses this particular sequence in his fight against Tenrin.

  • Explosive Shine Drill Kick Combo – Cuber launches the opponent vertically with an Explosive Shine, flies above the opponent in order to kick him/her/it back down with a Drill Kick, and then follows the opponent back into the ground in order to hit him/her/it with another Explosive Shine. This pattern continues, but other types of kicks can be substituted in place of the Drill Kick or Explosive Shine.
    • Off the Stratosphere – Cuber starts with an Explosive Shine Drill Kick Combo that begins with a Drill Kick, which is then followed by an Explosive Shine, which is then followed by another Drill Kick, which is then followed by another Explosive Shine. As the opponent continues to fly upwards from the last Explosive Shine, Cuber flies up to the opponent, and then releases a blue-white Super Explosive Wave, incinerating the opponent. Cuber specifically uses this rush attack to kill Nitro during his first time as a Super Saiyan.
  • Cuber Special – In one swift sequence, Cuber hits opponent with a Stun Blaster beam, jabs the opponent with his left fist, hits the opponent with an Explosive Shine to launch him/her/it vertically, and then immediately flies to the opponent and hits him/her/it with a right flying back kick.
  • Bolide Finish – After knocking the opponent into the air, Cuber hits him/her/it from below with an Explosive Shine, which knocks the opponent further up; while the opponent is still in pain, Cuber finishes him/her/it off with a Saiyan Bolide, defeating the opponent with his head impacting his/her/it's back.