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Debut DBNA Chapter 1: "The Mysterious Saiyans"
Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
Race Saiyan
Date of birth 731 Age
  • Borcol (Father)
  • Kale (Mother)
  • Peppra (Guardian)
  • Vegeta (Brother-in-Law)
  • Rigor (Husband)
  • Maseran (Son)
  • Bulma (Sister-in-Law)
  • Basuko (Son)
  • Koto (Son)
  • Roko (Son)
  • Savina (Daughter)
  • 18 (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Chun (Grandson)
  • Separi (セパリ, Separi) is a fictional original character in the online doujin Dragon Ball New Age. She makes her debut in the Rigor Saga accompanying the series’ first major villain, her husband Rigor.

    Separi's name is a pun/ anagram of "Paseri", the Japanese word for Parsley.


    Early LifeEdit

    Separi was born on the Planet Vegeta to her parents Kale and Borcol. She did not come from a high profile background, and was born an average Saiyan Soldier. 

    Early in her childhood, Separi became best friends with Rigor, the son of Elite Saiyan Warrioress Peppra. The two spent much time together, and after living with Rigor and Peppra, were virtually inseperable. One day, while Rigor's mother was out on a mission, Separi and Rigor were ambushed in Rigor's home by an Elite Saiyan Assassin, sent by King Vegeta to dispose of Rigor and his mother. When Rigor was overpowered by the assassin, Separi attempted to intervene. After being smacked across the room, Rigor became enraged, tapping into his Super Saiyan powers and killing the assassin. Peppra, severely injured, entered the home soon after, and led the two Saiyan children to the back of the home, where two escape Pods were. As more assassins arrived, Peppra put Separi into her own pod, rocketting the two to safety as she herself stayed behind. After awhile, Separi and Rigor landed on the distant Planet Yelna.

    Yelna's rulers, while initially fearful of the small Saiyans, decided to raise the Saiyans as warriors. Separi and Rigor are both plagued by the threatening environment of Yelna, which leaves everlasting impressions on their characters.

    Life on Planet YelnaEdit

    Separi grows alongside Rigor in a fashion typical of a Saiyan. Through grievous injuries she endures in the planet-spanning wars, she gains powers greater than she could have imagined. Her skills are recognized by the Yelna Council, and she is eventually promoted to Grand General, a position normally reserved for warriors with twice her experience. Even under the threat of constant war, Separi and Rigor's relationship blossoms into love, and the two eventually marry.

    Fearing for his own safety while considering the possibilities of having Rigor's power at his beck, Yelna’s King blackmails Separi with the threat of exposure to Freeza to keep Rigor under restraint. While Separi feels that Rigor is more than strong enough to deal with Freeza, she fears that, even with his power, the combined forces of Freeza and Yelna's armies may be sufficient enough to overwhelm her husband. She goes along with the blackmail, but eventually realizes it is a lost cause after Rigor openly disobeys the King's orders during battle. Fearing the backlash from the King, Separi stows away two space pods, in case they be needed for a hasty evacuation. Her premonition came true as Yelna's warring parties converged in an attempt to kill Rigor. However, Rigor's rage caused him to transform into a Super Saiyan 5, and he defeated the entire planet-wide army in less than 20 minutes, eventually killing the King. Separi develops a deep-seated fear of Rigor's Super Saiyan 5 power, and begs him to never again assume the transformation again, to which he reluctantly agrees. Separi and Rigor abandon the planet soon after within the stowed away pods.

    Separi and Rigor soon landed on Planet Bebit, where they have lived for several years. During this time, Rigor and Separi had five children: Masuran, Basuko, Roko, Koto, and Savina. While on Bebit, Separi also helps develop a Scouter capable of reading high power levels like Rigor's without overloading. One day, Rigor hears word of a Saiyan survivor named Vegeta. Realizing that the brother he has hated all his life had somehow survived the planet’s destruction, Rigor and Separi departed Bebit in a frantic search for Vegeta’s whereabouts, eventually learning that he was living on Earth.

    Battle on EarthEdit

    Rigor and Separi arrive on Earth in Age 793, approximately 3 years after Omega Shenron was defeated. Rigor eventually calls out Vegeta, and the two begin a raucous battle. Separi stands on the sidelines monitoring her husband's opponent's battle power and keeping an eye on Rigor, to keep him from losing his temper. It is all for naught as Rigor loses his temper and begins to transform into Super Saiyan 5 again. Separi, knowing how Rigor loses his reason while transformed, flies far from the battlefield to avoid being caught in the crossfire. Separi comes back once she realizes the battle is over, amazed to see that Rigor has been defeated. While, at that moment, she was more than powerful enough to kill her husband's enemies, she decided it would be best to heal Rigor and give him the chance to avenge his honor. As she loads him into his space pod, Separi monologues to herself that Goku and Vegeta know Rigor had them beat, and someday he will return to prove it.

    Planet BebitEdit

    Separi, a month after leaving Earth, arrives on their homeworld of Planet Bebit with Rigor in tow. After stabalizing Rigor in the medical area, she informs her son, Maseran, about what has transpired.


    Separi is a loving and devoted mother and wife, despite her hard-nosed attitude and stark sense of humor. She abides by the Saiyan Warrior Code, and is an accomplished fighter in her own right. Rigor's power, however, frightens Separi to the point where the unleashing of his full-strength causes her to flee in terror.


    Separi is never seen fighting in the DBNA doujin thus far, so the extent of her abilities is unknown. The only power she has shown is the ability to fly.

    Voice ActorsEdit

    In the Dragon Ball New Age Minisode Series, Separi is voiced by Dawn Tabor.


    Below is a list of the Chapters Separi has appeared in so far in DBNA.

    • Chapter 1: The Mysterious Saiyans
    • Chapter 2: My Brother...
    • Chapter 3: Vegeta's Last Stand
    • Chapter 4: Vegeta's Trump Card?
    • Chapter 5: Final Atomic Shine
    • Chapter 6: Momentary Peace
    • Chapter 7: The Mystery of Rigor's Power...
    • Chapter 8: Two Against One! Final Flash and Kamehameha
    • Chapter 9: Rigor Transforms! Super Saiyan 5?!
    • Chapter 10: Our Last Hope! Fusion!
    • Chapter 11: Ultimate Power Struggle! Rigor versus Gogeta!
    • Chapter 12: Rigor versus Gogeta part 2
    • Chapter 13: The Struggle Ends
    • Chapter 14: Separi's Declaration
    • Chapter 17: The Homeworld of Rigor! Planet Bebit!


    • In MALIK's original DBNA doujinshi, Separi originally had curly blonde hair, and was called "Mika". She also wore a Battle Jacket worn by Freeza's soldiers.