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Saiyan Reborn is the first Dragon Ball NG film. It takes place one year after Goku's last fight with Vegeta in the 36th World Martial Arts Tournament.


In Saiyan Reborn a evil Saiyan scientist named Dr. Kotor plans to clone a new Saiyan race from his own saiyan DNA. Dr. Kotor is bitter about the fall of the saiyan race and has spent every day since Planet Vegetas destruction preparing his new species of clone saiyans. Dr. Kotor desires to use his new saiyan clones to conquer the entire universe. All goes well until Vegeta's younger brother, Tarble, discovers Kotors plans. Tarble travels to Earth to tell the others but he is followed by Kotor and the Saiyan Army.



• Vegeta

• Torkoto

• Torgeta

• Gokuten

• Gohan

• Goten

• Trunks

• Tarble

• Pan

• Uub


• Dr. Kotor

• Ategev

• Machine Saiyan 1.0

• Machine Saiyan 2.0

• Machine Saiyan 3.0

• Machine Saiyans

Battles FeaturedEdit

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