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Sage Nameks are a powerful class of Namekians introduced in the online doujinshi Dragon Ball New Age.


Ages before the climate cataclysm that devastated the Planet Namek, wiping out most of the Namekian population, there existed a sect of powerful Namekians known as the Sage Nameks.

Originally, there were seven Sage Nameks, comprised of powerful members of each of Namek's original seven tribes. Sage Namekians were highly skilled and extremely proficient in both Namekian Martial Arts and Namekian Magic. They excelled in energy-based Magic (such as offensive attacks or being able to draw out the latent abilities of others), Healing and Sealing Magic. The original seven Namekian Sages, apparently, were also responsible for originally creating the Namekian Dragon Balls. Sage Namekians were also far more powerful than their normal counterparts, each possessing power levels registering in the hundreds of thousands (though they paled in comparison to Super Nameks).

Sage Namekians were held in high regard on Namek, as being a Sage Namek was considered both an honor and a privilege. In addition to being powerful warriors and protectors, they were also highly educated (by Namekian standards), and considered wise philosophers. Over the course of their history, the Sages inscribed their teachings and arts within a book, which would come to be known as The Book Of Namek.

The last generation of Sage Nameks included The Great Elder Namek, and Katas, the father of Kami/ Piccolo. Before his debilitating sickness and death, The Great Elder was teaching and grooming Nail to become a Sage Namek in his place, though Nail was unable to learn the magical arts.

Visually, Sage Namekians do not differ from normal Namekians.

The Book Of Namek Edit

Over the course of their history, the Sages mystically inscribed their teachings within an enchanted grimoire known as The Book Of Namek. The information contained within included a fully detailed history of the Namekian people, the entirety of the teachings and arts of the Sages, and a wealth of accumulated knowledge spanning centuries. Every Sage Namek would learn from the Book, and in turn, provide it with more knowledge towards the end of their lives.

Because the physical copy was so vulnerable, the information inside it is passed down via a telepathic link to each Sage, as well as each Namekian Elder, thereby guaranteeing the contents of the Book would survive and could be re-written should the physical copy be stolen or destroyed.


Sage Namekians possessed a vast number of abilities, ranging from physical to Magic-based powers.

  • Sage Namekians were able to use their Magic to create the original Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • Telepathy, the ability to communicate using only the mind. Also, Sages were able to read minds by placing their hand upon one's head.
  • Ki Sensitivity, the ability to detect ki.
  • Sealing Arts, Sage Nameks used their magic and martial arts to weave powerful seals. Uses ranged from the imprisonment/ restraint of individuals/ techniques, to assisting power in meditation.
  • Regeneration, like all Namekians, Sage Nameks have the ability to grow back severed limbs or repair grievous injuries, so long as their head remains intact.
  • Unleashing Potential, made famous by The Great Elder, Sage Nameks could draw out the latent abilities of other fighters merely by placing their hand atop the person's head.
  • Magic Infused Ki, The ki of a Sage Namek is infused with high degrees of magic, making it fundamentally different from normal ki. Due to this unusual attribute, Sage Nameks demonstrate power far beyond what their power levels may indicate.

Known Sage NameksEdit

  • The Great Elder
  • Katas
  • Nail (though his training was incomplete)