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The Rigor Saga is the first saga from the online doujinshi, Dragon Ball New Age

DBNA Saga One

Cover for the Rigor Saga mini-manga, issue 1.

It's main plot concerns the arrival of two Saiyans to Earth, looking for Vegeta. The most powerful of these Saiyans is Rigor. The saga covers the arrival of Rigor and his wife, Separi, and his subsequent battle with Earth's Super Warriors as he seeks revenge on his brother, Vegeta.

The Rigor Saga debuted in Dragon Ball New Age in 2005. Artist and creator MALIK would later redraw and rewrite the first 7 original chapters of the Saga, in order to provide a better viewing experience for his readers. This Saga finished in january 2012, at the end of Chapter 14.

NOTE: The following are less detailed plot synopsis. For more detail, please visit the comic at MALIK's deviantart.


Chapter ZERO: PrologueEdit

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The Black Dragon Balls are discovered by a wayward Trunks and Pan, setting into motion the events of the entire series, including the resurrection of Son Goku and Piccolo.

Chapter 1: The Mysterious SaiyansEdit

Vegeta is outside the Capsule Corporation building doing some light training in the Gravity Building when Bulma tells him to come inside for lunch. Suddenly, Vegeta hears a sound like a low-flying plane. Looking towards the sky, he is stunned at two Space Pods entering the atmosphere, then quickly crashing into West City. Heading inside, he suits up for battle while Bulma berates him for preparing to recklessly rushing into battle, though Vegeta has yet to sense any chi. She finally relents in her argument, wishing Vegeta luck as he flies off.


Rigor and Separi arrive in West City; from the DBNA Doujin

While this is happening, the two inhabitants of the pods emerge. They are both Saiyans, one male and one female. The female Saiyan's scouter blips widly, commenting that while the inhabitants of the planet have low power, there are a half dozen or so with high chi. The male Saiyan, who apparently can sense chi, comments that he feels the high power nearby must be Vegeta. When a police officer foolishly attempts to arrest the two Saiyans, Rigor proceeds to launch an immense beam from his hand which demolishes half of West City. At that moment, Goku and the others sense the massive energy, mentioning its similar feeling to Vegeta. vegeta attempts to locate the source of the blast, only to have trouble finding them. However, the two Saiyans emerge behind him, surprising the Saiyan Prince. As the male saiyan and Vegeta exchange words, Piccolo and Goten resolve to back Vegeta up as Goku, Uub, and Gohan remain at Karin Tower until their depleted energy can be restored by the blossoming senzu from Master Karin, as Dende is currently on Namek and cannot heal them.

The chapter ends with the male Saiyan revealing to Vegeta that he is his brother.

Chapter 2: My Brother...Edit

The male Saiyan reveals himself to be Rigor, Vegeta's long-lost half-brother. Rigor reveals how he came to escape the destruction of Planet Vegeta almost a year before it had happened, after King Vegeta attempted to have him killed. Rigor calmly states that his only reason for coming to Earth is to kill Vegeta. Alarmed, Vegeta asks why, only for Rigor to be annoyed that Vegeta "doesn't remember". Vegeta opts to take the fight to a deserted locale where more innocent people can't be hurt, to which Rigor and Separi agree. Piccolo and Goten are seen still making their way towards the fight.

Rigor goads Vegeta into demonstrating the extent of his abilities, to which Vegeta responds by becoming a Super Saiyan 4. Amused, Rigor informs Vegeta that he is fully aware that Vegeta is holding back 2-3 times his full-power. Vegeta is then shocked when Rigor states that even if Vegeta could quadruple his power that he would still be no match for him. Rigor then powers up to 60% (roughly twice as strong as what Rigor estimated Vegeta's full power would be), and invites Vegeta to attack him. When Rigor effortlessly fends off Vegeta's attacks, Vegeta claims that the Saiyan is not fighting with all he can, goading him to fight for real. Rigor responds by instantly moving across the field with astonishing speed, kneeing Vegeta in the stomach. He finally reveals his reason for coming to kill Vegeta: when he was only 4 years old, he watched Vegeta kill his mother as Peppra tried to save Rigor and Separi from the King's assassins. Vegeta, thoroughly angered, tries to come up with a plan, as Separi looks on awaiting the arrival of the two powers located on her scouter.

Chapter 3: Vegeta's Last StandEdit


Vegeta powers up to maximum in an attempt to defeat his brother; from the DBNA Doujin

Vegeta cranks up his power as much as possible in his attempt to defeat Rigor. He charges and launches a huge beam at Rigor, causing a massive explosion. Rigor, despite taking the beam head-on, is virtually unscathed, letting out a sarcastic "Ow...". Rigor taunts Vegeta once more, who charges up a Final Flash with his full-power. Vegeta launches the attack, only for Rigor to effortlessly kick the attack into space.

Rigor, disappointed with Vegeta's attempts to hurt him, motions to kill him. When Vegeta attempts to apologize for his misdeeds in the past, it serves only to anger Rigor, who proclaims that only Vegeta's death will satisfy him.

Chapter 4: Vegeta's Trump Card?Edit

Vegeta, realizing that he is powerless against Rigor, finds himself at his brother's mercy. Rigor charges Vegeta, taking him down in four blows. Rigor proclaims his disappointment in Vegeta and his power, and continues to taunt Vegeta as he prepares to finish him off.

Before he can deliver an attack, Rigor is hit from behind by a beam attack from Piccolo. The attack is not powerful enough to hurt Rigor, but is revealed to be nothing more than a distraction. Goten, in Super Saiyan mode, unleashes a powerful, high speed kick to Rigor's face, launching him into the mountains littering the landscape. The attack, however, has little effect on Rigor, who claims "You got me all dusty and tore my undersuit", and seems only agitated that anyone would interfere with his fight with Vegeta. Trunks arrives shortly afterwards.

Rigor allows the four to consider their final moments, in which Vegeta tells the others that they stand little chance against Rigor, unless they use a new attack Vegeta has developed...

Chapter 5: Final Atomic ShineEdit


SSJ4 Vegeta beginning to charge his Final Atomic Shine against Rigor.

Vegeta tells Goten, Piccolo, and Trunks to hold off Rigor for one minute while he charges his newest attack. The three warriors charge the mighty Saiyan, but find themselves completely outclassed as he effortlessly defends himself from all of their attacks. Separi notices that Vegeta's base power has plummeted by more than half, while the two energy spheres he has generated are gradually increasing in power. Rigor decides to put an end to his opponent's attacks, and takes each fighter down with a single blow each.

Piccolo, realizing that they only needs to stall Rigor for 30 more seconds, charges an attack alongside Goten and Trunks as he speaks with them telepathically. He teleports them in front of Rigor in a manner similar to when Goku teleported in front of Cell during his match with him from the Cell Games. They launch a huge attack, propelling Rigor into the air. The attack surprises Rigor, but he near-effortlessly hops off the beam, but enjoys the cleverness of his opponents. This is all that is needed as Vegeta crashes the two high-powered spheres together, unleashing a massive, blinding beam at Rigor. Rigor, legitimately surprised and shocked, is caught in the blast, which erupts from the Earth into space.

Vegeta, completely drained, reverts back to his normal state, and drops from sheer exhaustion. Rigor can be seen in the closing images of the chapter, possibly unconcious, and floating in the upper atmosphere of Earth.

Chapter 6: Momentary PeaceEdit

Assuming Rigor has been defeated, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten find a breath of relief. However, high in the upper atmosphere, Rigor is shown floating in the zero G environment, boiling over how he let his guard down against Vegeta. At Karin Tower, the light from Vegeta's Final Atomic Shine could be seen, and Goku, Gohan, and Oob contemplate the situation. Goten and Piccolo, curious as to what is drawing Separi's attention to the skies, look upward. Rigor then drops from the sky, the only noticable damage being that his battle-suit's top has been totally destroyed.

Goku, knowing that Vegeta cannot defeat the big power in his weakened state, fears for his friend's safety. However, Master Karin finally rushes in, throwing the bag containing his only seven senzu to Goku as he and his comrades teleport away..


Goku, Gohan, and Oob arrive on the battlefield; fromt he DBNA Doujin.

Rigor slowly approaches the weakened warriors, who have no hope against him in their weakened conditions. However, Separi's scouter blips wildly, and Goku, Gohan, and Uub arrive, fully healed. Goku looks at Rigor, commenting on how much like Vegeta he really looks. Once Trunks, Piccolo, Goten, and Vegeta are healed, Goku tells them to move away from the area, so that he and Vegeta can fight the titanic Saiyan alone. He and Vegeta come to the realization that their only hope in defeating Rigor lies in going all out from the start. Both Goku and Vegeta power up to Super Saiyan 4, maxing out their powers immediately. Rigor seems unfazed by their display of power (even commenting to himself that "three hits are all you get". Vegeta manages to land a solid punch to Rigor's face, knocking the mighty Saiyan back.

Both Goku and Vegeta seem to overwhelm Rigor, until he catches their punches. Proclaiming his disappointement with their power, Rigor looks on with an evil look, telling them he's let them win long enough.

Chapter 7: Rigor Unleashed! 100% Power!!Edit

Gohan tells Trunks that it seems that Goku and Vegeta cannot win, and they had rushed headlong into battle knowing full-well that their chances of defeating Rigor were slim.

Meanwhile, on the Kai Planet, Old Kai watches the battle, revealing to Kibitoshin that he has known about Rigor all along and had been keeping tabs on him, and had hoped that Rigor would remain far from Earth and Vegeta. He says that Rigor now outmatches both Goku and Vegeta in everyway. He proclaims that their only chance is fusion, but if Rigor becomes "IT", then not even Gogeta will be enough to defeat him.

Back at the battle, Vegeta's suspicions that Rigor is holding back are confirmed when Rigor reveals that he has only been using 80% of his full-power. Rigor, wanting to end the battle soon, declares that he will finish both Goku and Vegeta with his 100% power, and begins to power up.

After reaching 100% power, Goku immediately senses something wrong. However, he and Vegeta have no time to dwell on it as Rigor begins his assault, easily besting both of them. Although unable to match him in combat, Goku reveals that he can sense Rigor's power dropping at steady intervals. Rigor comments to himself that he is unsure as to how long his power last. Goku and Vegeta then plot to try and hold out until Rigor's power drops to a manageable level.

Chapter 8: Two Against One! Final Flash and KamehamehaEdit

Rigor realizes too late that he had gone to full strength too soon after coming out of such lengthly suspended animation. As a result, his body is straining heavily to keep him at full-power, which is gradually weakening him. Knowing full-well that this is their only chance, Goku and Vegeta charge Rigor and unleash a furious assault. During the opening moments, its clear that Rigor still has the advantage, as he is still able to fend off their attacks with relative ease. Rigor fires back at the two warriors with a tremendous chi blast, which they barely avoid. The result is a huge, blinding explosion that temporarily distracts Goku, allowing Rigor to charge him, and after a brief exchange, unleash a devastating kick that sends Goku flying.


Vegeta and Goku hit Rigor with a Final Flash/ Kamehameha Combo; from the DBNA Doujin

However, Vegeta appears behind Rigor and, much to Rigor and Separi's amazement, catches Rigor by surprise with a swift kick to the head. Separi deduces that Rigor's power at this point is starting to drop far more rapidly than they had anticipated. Rigor elbows Vegeta in the face, which sends the Saiyan Prince reeling. When Rigor turns, he is met with a stiff elbow from Goku. Rigor angrily punches away Goku, screaming for him to get away from him, before Vegeta is once again upon him. Goku quickly recovers and joins Vegeta, and they slowly begin to overwhelm the titanic saiyan. Attempting to end the battle, Goku and Vegeta simultaneously fire their signature attacks, the Final Flash and the Kamehameha, into Rigor's midsection.

The tremendous attack launches Rigor backwards into a vast mountain, where he nearly breaks through the entire structure before the beams explode in a massive eruption, which obliterates the landscape in the vicinity of the explosion. Vegeta and Goku, exhausted, observe the aftermath. On a mountain top not far from the battle area, Gohan, Piccolo and the others also observe the ferocious battle, commenting on the power coming from below.

Suddenly, Rigor explodes in a rage from underneath the rubble. While weakened from the previous onslaught, Rigor declares that everyone will die.

Chapter 9: Rigor Transforms! Super Saiyan 5?!Edit


Rigor after transforming into a Super Saiyan 5; from the DBNA Doujin

Rigor finds himself in pure, unmitigated rage at the prospect that Goku and Vegeta are now on equal terms with him, as his power continues to steadily decline. Goku's proclamation that Rigor has lost is rebuttled by a maniacal laugh from the titanic Saiyan. Rigor then astonishes Goku and Vegeta by telling them that he had transformed into what he called a "True Super Saiyan 4" a number of years ago, and as a result of something else, he now has access to all the power of that form in his normal state, which is why he has been able to battle Goku and Vegeta the way he has. When Goku questions him as to what he means when he refers to Super Saiyan 4 as an "obsolete form", they are shocked when Rigor reveals that he can transform beyond even an Ascended or True Super Saiyan 4 into the unrivaled Super Saiyan 5.

Rigor then begins the transformation into this legendary form, which frightens Separi so much that she actually flees the battlefield, fearing for her own safety. In a blinding flash, Rigor emerges, fully transformed into the terrifying Super Saiyan 5. Goku and Vegeta comment on his astounding strength, and how his strength exceeds Omega Shenron's and may possibly even exceed Lord Beerus. Rigor raises an arm into the air, and charges an energy ball, and tosses it at Piccolo, Gohan, and the others. The ball destroys the mountain that they had been observing the battle from, forcing them into the air. While Goku and Vegeta have their backs turned, Rigor uses his tremendous speed to get behind Uub. Gripping Uub by the head, he smirks as he snaps the young warrior's neck, much to Goku's horror.

Chapter 10: Our Last Hope! Fusion!Edit

After snapping Uub's neck, Rigor realizes that he's still alive. He tosses Uub's body into the air before unleashing a huge ki blast that incinerates Uub's body. Enraged at the death of his friend, Goten attempts to charge and take the offensive against Rigor, whose speed allows him to easily dodge Goten's attack. Goten then shares the same fate as Uub, as he is blasted from behind by Rigor, which leaves little more than ash of the young Saiyan. Incensed by the death of not only his pupil, but his son, Goku attempts to charge Rigor, only for Vegeta to stop him. Vegeta suggests the only way to defeat Rigor is for he and Goku to once again fuse as Gogeta. Vegeta, however, is astounded when Rigor pronounces his knowledge of the Metamor Fusion technique. Rigor quickly debates to himself whether or not to allow Vegeta and Goku to perform the technique, as he is unaware of how powerful the result may be, opting instead to kill both of them before they can fuse. Gohan, however, launches a surprise attack on Rigor to allow Goku and Vegeta the time needed to perform fusion. His assault is quickly rebuffed by Rigor, who is completely unfazed by his attack. Unleashing a small attack of his own, Rigor incapacitates Gohan, Piccolo, and Trunks, preventing any of them from further interferring with his fight. Rigor attempts to stop Goku and Vegeta, who, at the last moment, complete the fusion and become Gogeta. Gogeta rises into the air to confront Rigor in the chapter's closing scene.

Chapter 11: Ultimate Power Struggle! Rigor vs. Gogeta!Edit

Separi is seen flying far from the island where Rigor and the others are fighting before her scouter blips wildly, signaling that while Goku and Vegeta's powers are both gone, a new power exceeding Rigor's has appeared. Curious and with now little regard for her own safety, she turns back towards the island. Back at the island, Rigor is quietly amazed to himself at how powerful Gogeta is. Before he can finish his sentence, Gogeta backhands Rigor in the face, causing him to bleed. Gogeta, still enraged over the deaths of Uub and Goten, unleashes a furious assault on Rigor, dominating the massive Saiyan. Rigor initially looks worried, but a familiar smirk once again graces his face. Unleashing his power, he engages Gogeta in combat. Though he is overmatched during the onset of the fight, Rigor seems to be easing closer and closer to becoming Gogeta's physical equal. Gogeta launches a huge Kamehameha wave at Rigor, who catches the beam with one hand, albeit with considerable effort. Eventually, Rigor manages to toss the beam away from himself, causing even more drastic damage to the landscape. Rigor and Gogeta charge each other once more, simultaneously punching one another.

Chapter 12: Gogeta versus Rigor part 2Edit

The battle between Rigor and Gogeta continues, with both combatants delivering immense, crushing blows to one-

Rigor charging his Final Revenge Cannon Cannon; from the DBNA Doujin

another. The tide turns towards Rigor's favor after Rigor delivers a series of devastating blows, followed by slamming Gogeta head first into the ground. After dragging the fused warrior through the dirt and rocks, Rigor executes a punch that sends Gogeta crashing through the landscape. As Gogeta comments on his opponent's power, in the world of the Kais, Old Kai states that Rigor's power has become too much even for Gogeta to face, alluding to his belief that Rigor can defeat Gogeta. Rigor, though out of breath, does have the advantage. He commends Gogeta for being a fantastic opponent before revealing that the longer he remains a Super Saiyan 5, the stronger he becomes. Gogeta, on the other hand, is starting to lose chi, and only has minutes before the fusion wears off. Rigor decides to end the battle on a high note, and prepares to fire his ultimate attack in an effort to kill Gogeta (and by extension, Vegeta himself). While charging the attack, he states that at his level of chi, he may not be able to control it, and it might destroy the Earth along with Gogeta. Gogeta, not willing to allow Earth to be destroyed, begins to charge his Big Bang Kamehameha. Both combatants fire at each other as the chapter ends.

Chapter 13: The Struggle EndsEdit

Rigor and Gogeta's best beam attacks collide, resulting in a

Rigor being defeated by Gogeta; from the DBNA Doujin

massive explosion of light that can be seen for miles. However, at this point it seems as though neither fighter has the advantage. They are virtually equal. Gogeta knows he must defeat Rigor, not matter the cost. With that knowledge, he proclaims he will not lose, and unleashes every bit of his power into his attack. While the outburst surprises Rigor, he seems little fazed, as he then unleashes 100% of his power. After doing so, his beam begins to overtake Gogeta's. Separi watches from the skies from a distance, commenting on the astounding display of power. Gogeta thinks to himself about his now dropping power, before resigning himself to the hard fact that he cannot stop Rigor. However, just as Rigor prepares for the final push to kill Gogeta, he is suddenly racked with pain. His body begins to throb and he coughs up blood. Gogeta suddenly notices that Rigor's attack has lost a majority of its power, and makes one last push. Rigor then is hit full-force by Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha, which appears to obliterate the mighty Saiyan, carving an enormous trench in its path as it disappears into the horizon. Gogeta, completely exhausted, then defuses into a worn-out Goku and Vegeta, who collapse at the crater's edge.

Chapter 14: Separi's DeclarationEdit

Still exhausted from their ordeal, Goku and Vegeta try to recuperate near the edge of the crater formed during their struggle with Rigor. Vegeta, lost in thought, is consoled by Goku, who tell Vegeta that Rigor's ill-treatment as a child is not his fault. Vegeta suggests the two warriors head back to Gohan, Piccolo, and Trunks, to which Goku adds that it'll be a long walk, as they cannot fly due to being so weak. Suddenly, they hear a shuffle behind them, and they turn around. Much to their horror, Rigor is standing, very much alive, though badly wounded. He begins to shuffle towards them, but before he can reach the weary warriors, Rigor collapses from his injuries, mere feet from Goku and Vegeta. Relieved, Goku and Vegeta also drop to the ground. As the unconscious Rigor twitches, Separi descends from the skies next to him, issuing a scolding stare at Goku and Vegeta. Though she threatens to kill them both for the honor of her husband, she relents, saying that the Code of the Warrior dictates that their lives are Rigor's to take in vengeance. She then uses her scouter to call the two space pods she and her husband had arrived in to the scene. Once the pods arrive, she loads her husband into his pod, and casts a defiant gaze in Goku and Vegeta's direction before getting into her own pod. Before departing, she monologues to herself, saying that one day Vegeta's luck will run dry, and that he cannot escape justice. As Goku and Vegeta begin to formulate opinions on what to do next, the story briefly switches to the Demon Realm, where a group of demons have infiltrated Dabura's castle vault, only to find a corpse with strange markings chained inside. Suddenlt, the corpse's eyes glow, signifying life. Back on Earth, Bulma has been filled in on what happened during the battle with Rigor, and Trunks makes clear his intention to use the Black Dragon Balls to wish back Goten and Uub. However, Old Kai cuts in, and as the chapter ends, tells the Warriors of Earth that they can never use the Black Dragon Balls again.

The Saga ended after this point, to be continued in the Aladjinn Saga. Re-drawn scenes and dialogue are being uploaded as of this time to bring chapter's art and dialogue in line with the Aladjinn Saga.


Major CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Separi
  • Old Kai
  • Kibitoshin
  • Master Karin
  • Bulma

Battles FeaturedEdit

  • Vegeta vs Rigor
  • Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo and Goten vs. Rigor
  • Vegeta and Goku vs. Rigor
  • Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Uub, Goten, Gohan vs Rigor
  • Gogeta vs Rigor