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This article, Rigor (DBNA), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball timeline.
Debut DBNA Chapter 1: The Mysterious Saiyans
Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
Race Saiyan
Date of birth 732 Age
Height 6'8" (203cm)
Weight 300 pounds (136kg)
  • Vegeta (Brother)
  • Tarble (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Separi (Wife)
  • King Vegeta (Father)
  • Peppra (Mother)
  • Maseran (Son)
  • Bulma (Sister-in-Law)
  • Trunks (Nephew)
  • Bra (Neice)
  • Basuko (Son)
  • Koto (Son)
  • Roko (Son)
  • Savina (Daughter)
  • 18 (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Chun (Grandson)

  • Rigor (リゴル, Rigoruis a fictional original character in the online doujin Dragon Ball New Age. He is the half-brother of Vegeta, and makes his debut in the comic‘s first story-arc as the series’ first major villain during the Rigor Saga. He is the alternate timeline counterpart of Tarble, Vegeta's brother from the main timeline.

    Rigor's name is a portmanteau/ pun of Rio and Goronong, after the Rio Grande and Goronong peppers.

    Rigor's name and background are also influenced by the Dorrigo Pepper, a rainforest pepper shrub in Australia. The Dorrigo pepper berries are dark blue/indigo, much like the color Rigor's outfit. It also grows in the mountainous regions of Australia, much like Planet Bebit.


    main article: History of Rigor

    Early life

    Rigor is the son of King Vegeta, the result of his union with an Elite Saiyan female named Peppra. Rigor was born on Planet Vegeta the same day and hour as his half-brother, Vegeta. As a child, Rigor displays abilities dramatically close to his half-brother, even winding up in the same attack squad as the Saiyan Prince. During this time, Rigor meets a young female Saiyan named Separi, who becomes Rigor’s only friend.

    As time goes on, Rigor's powers develop at an incredibly accelerated pace, far beyond any normal Saiyan. Peppra, believing her son to be the Legendary Saiyan, confides in the King, who demands that she keep Rigor's growing power a secret. Angered, Peppra threatens to expose the King's infidelity, which would destroy his credibility and draw the attention of the Planet Trade Organization. King Vegeta decides to fix the problem by eliminating both Peppra and Rigor. King Vegeta has Peppra ambushed on another planet by some of his Elite Warriors, and though severely injured, she manages to fight them off and defeat them before heading back to Planet Vegeta. On Planet Vegeta, one of King Vegeta's elites confronts Rigor and Separi in his home. Rigor attempts to fight him off, but isn't strong enough. When the Elite injures Separi, Rigor becomes enraged, and unintentionally taps into some of his Super Saiyan power, easily killing the assassin. The severely wounded Peppra arrives, and takes Rigor to the emergency pods in the back of her home, loading Rigor and Separi into them. She scrambles the coordinates before telling Rigor that this is his father's doing. As she launches the pods, the last thing Rigor ever sees of his world is his own half-brother, Vegeta, killing Peppra. Several weeks later, the young Rigor and Separi crash land on the war planet, Yelna.

    Yelna’s rulers, while fearful of the power of the young Saiyan, saw a priceless opportunity to add the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan to their ranks. Yelna had an ongoing treaty with the World Trade Organization, and it was unlikely that any of Freeza’s men would come to planet. From the beginning of his life on the planet, Rigor was plagued by threatening environments, which evidently have had a lasting impression on his character. Rigor continues to hold a subconscious hatred against Vegeta and his father throughout the rest of his life.

    Planet at War

    As Rigor develops, it becomes clear to the King of Yelna that Rigor is the ultimate force to be reckoned with. Showing a very rapid Zenkai, Rigor’s power level becomes higher far quicker than even Goku and Vegeta's. While Saiyans generally enjoy the thrill of battle (which Freeza had somewhat rewarded his followers with, by tasking them with enslaving numerous planets), Rigor was shown to be incredibly aggressive, and was exhilarated by physically destroying whole armies at a time with his bare hands. As Rigor's power begins to grow at an alarming rate, special Energy Masking Armor was developed to shield his massive chi from outside forces, making him virtually undetectable by both scouters and chi sensitives. During his teen years, Rigor quickly ascends to Super Saiyan 3, accessing the transformations mere months between each other. Yelna’s King eventually loses whatever influence he might have had over Rigor, but the one person who still possesses some measure of control and calm over Rigor is Separi, who has grown into quite a warrior in her own right. The two are so fond of each other, they eventually marry.

    Fearing for his own safety while considering the possibilities of having Rigor's legendary power at his beck, Yelna’s King blackmails Separi with the threat of exposure to Freeza to keep Rigor under restraint. As time goes on Rigor eventually accesses the fourth Super Saiyan form, and for the first time, openly ignores the King’s orders during battle. The King’s army narrowly manages to survive Rigor‘s assault on the opposing army with his newfound power, and afterwards decides that Rigor has become too much of a liability. He secretly calls a meeting of all of Yelna’s warring parties and hatches a plan to take down the mighty Saiyan. During a battle set-up as a ruse, the King’s army along with the opposing army simultaneously attack Rigor. Enraged by the betrayal, Rigor’s anger causes him to undergo his most monstrous transformation yet, and he turns into a Super Saiyan 5 for the first time. In an unrivaled rage and flowing with power unimaginable, Rigor displays his dominance by annihilating the planet-wide army of Yelna in just under 20 minutes. His reason gone, Rigor makes a bee-line for the Yelna King, who engages Rigor one on one, but quickly falls to the Saiyan’s might. Mere moments after killing the King, Rigor‘s power burns out, and he turns to normal. He and Separi were the only remaining life forms on the planet. As they prepared to leave the planet, Separi begged Rigor to never again assume the Super Saiyan 5 form, to which he reluctantly agreed. Rigor and Separi leave Yelna nothing more than a barren, war-scarred planet.

    Rigor, despite being victorious, was severely weakened after the battle. He and Separi soon landed on Planet Bebit, where they take up residence. During this time, Rigor and Separi had five children: Masuran, Tomaran, Korun, Okrun, and Selari. One day, Rigor hears word of a Saiyan survivor named Vegeta. Realizing that the brother he has hated all his life had somehow survived the planet’s destruction, Rigor and Separi departed Bebit in a frantic search for Vegeta’s whereabouts, eventually learning that he was living on Earth.

    Super Saiyan 5 Unleashed

    Rigor and Separi arrive on Earth approximately 3 years after Omega Shenron was defeated. In his first act of getting Vegeta’s attention, Rigor annihilates half of West City with a single blast from his hand. Mere moments after meeting Vegeta, Rigor reveals his origin, and that he is Vegeta's half-brother. Vegeta and Rigor leave West City and land on an abandoned island, where Vegeta turns Super Saiyan 4 immediately. Despite being in such an advanced state, Vegeta finds himself totally outclassed by Rigor, who (thanks to him retaining all his Super Saiyan 4 strength in his normal state as an after-effect of transforming to Super Saiyan 5) is fighting at a level superior to Super Saiyan 4 at only 60%. Vegeta’s mightiest attacks barely register to Rigor, who takes great glee in beating his half-brother senseless in a matter of moments. Piccolo, Goten and Trunks soon join the fray, but even after Vegeta fires his mighty Final Atomic Shine attack, they find that they are relatively little help against Rigor.

    Before Rigor can kill the weakened Vegeta and the others, Goku arrives on the scene, along with Gohan and Majuub. After healing Vegeta with a senzu bean, Goku and Vegeta alone challenge Rigor in a battle, only to find that their combined might is still dwarfed by Rigor’s. However, as the fight drags on, Goku begins to notice that Rigor’s strength is beginning to wane. Vegeta and Goku charge and fire a massive Kamehameha/ Final Flash Combo that heavily damages Rigor. Enraged, Rigor goes back on his promise to Separi and transforms into the Super Saiyan 5 once more. Rigor quickly demonstrates his power by killing both Majuub and Goten within moments. Goku and Vegeta realize that Rigor‘s new form is far more than they can handle, so they fuse into Gogeta in an attempt to even the odds.


    Despite a conserted effort by Gogeta, he is hopelessly overmatched by Rigor's power. When Rigor attempts to destroy Gogeta using his Final Revenge Cannon, Gogeta counters, but is slowly overwhelmed by the attack. However, Rigor's transformation becomes too much for his body and dissipates, allowing Gogeta's attack to inflict incredible damage. Rigor miraculously survives the attack, and tries one final time to kill Goku and Vegeta before eventually collapsing from his injuries.

    Recuperation on Bebit

    A month after the titanic battle on Earth, Rigor finally made it to his home on Planet Bebit, where he was treated by the royal doctors. Kikura, the doctor, commented that he was amazed that Rigor had even survived due to the severity of his injuries, and that it would take more than a month for him to completely heal.


    Rigor is arrogant and bitter as a result of his ill-treatment and the abuse at the hands of his father, King Vegeta, when he was a child and the murder of his mother at the hands of his half-brother, Vegeta. His status as the Legendary Saiyan has given him an inflated sense of superiority against his opponents. He is immensely proud of his status as a Legendary Warrior, and believes himself to be the strongest Saiyan (and mortal being) in the universe.

    As Vegeta's half-brother, Rigor is introduced as a bitter and vengeful warrior, seeking vegeance against Vegeta for murdering his mother when they were children. Despite his training as an accomplished fighter, he often rushes headlong into brawls without hesitation and thought. His rage and arrogance has often caused him to unintentionally place himself into situations where fighters much weaker than himself have gotten the drop on him or injured him. This single-mindedness is demonstrated during his inital confrontation with Vegeta. Focusing only on the opponent in front of him, Rigor's tunnel vision-like focus allowed Piccolo, and later Goten, to attack him with almost no resistance.

    Rigor is incredibly aggressive and cold-blooded. Since his childhood, he has been reared to be a ruthless, efficient killer. His only signs of compassion are towards his family; his wife Separi, and his children Masuran, Tomaran, Korun, Okrun, and Selari, but even in these cases, his vanity and self-importance have strained his relationships with them.

    From his very first appearance, Rigor is shown to be exceptionally vain and egotistical. A tragic example of this is in his fight with Goku and Vegeta. Though he could have easily defeated the both of them at only 80% of his full power, his arrogance bested him, and he powered up to 100% far too quickly after coming out of suspended animation, causing him to become weaker as the fight dragged on. On several occasions over the course of the battle, Rigor conceitedly underestimates his opponents; in the cases of Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks, Rigor was fooled by their lower power levels, believing that their being weaker than him would not allow them to be any challenge to him at all. But, yet again, his arrogance allowed them to stand up to him when needed.

    His opinion of Vegeta, even though Vegeta is weaker than him, runs the gamut from contempt to rivalry. His resentment towards his own father as the result of the abuse he endured as a child has been projected onto Vegeta. This accompanied with the fact that Vegeta killed his mother has burned a seething hatred of Vegeta into Rigor's mind.

    Despite his vicious personality, Rigor is also a slave to his battle-hungry Saiyan blood. Even when odds become stacked against him, he pushes onward, feeling the rush of battle and desiring to test himself. He seems to allow fights to drag on in order to push the limits of his strength. As demonstrated during his battle with Gogeta, Rigor is invigorated by the thought that Gogeta is strong enough to challenge him, and defies Gogeta to step up their battle.


    Super Saiyan 5

    main article: Super Saiyan 5

    DBNA CH9 PG8

    Rigor as a Super Saiyan 5; taken from the DBNA Doujinshi.

    As a maniacal Super Saiyan 5, Rigor's physique, from muscle mass through strength, and speed extraordinarily excel that of any Super Saiyan form before it, making him both aggressive and powerful. It is the second-most-powerful form of Super Saiyan, outpowered only by Super Saiyan God.

    For Rigor, due to his status as the Legendary Saiyan, this transformation maintains a constant flow of energy as a battle is prolonged. As a result, this form requires no ki consumption, gives Rigor phenomenal strength and speed, and constantly raises his power level as long as he remains in the Super Saiyan 5 form. In an unexpected twist, Rigor's body underwent a strange mutation after obtaining this form and drew the power of his previous Super Saiyan forms to the surface, negating the need to transform into his lesser Super Saiyan states. This allowed him to utilize the full extent of his True Super Saiyan 4 power in his base form without the need to transform and fatigue his body further.

    Rigor is powerful enough in this state to equal, then outclass Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta after their battle has lasted a few minutes. Rigor is completely in control of their battle during its final moments. As a last resort against Rigor‘s Final Revenge Cannon, Gogeta utilized a Big Bang Kamehameha, but against Rigor’s strength, even this would have proved insufficient in the end.

    Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4, Ascended Super Saiyan 4, and True Super Saiyan 4

    Though never seen in the story thus far, Rigor obtained the Super Saiyan form early in his life. Instead of gaining the 2nd and 3rd forms, Rigor trained to maximize his form's power output, to the point where its strength was near-equivalent to a Super Saiyan 3. Later in life, he obtained the Super Saiyan 4 state, and its evolved states. Due to his status as the Legendary Saiyan, his forms were much more powerful than a standard Super Saiyan. In his Maximized Super Saiyan state, he gained a 440x boost. In SSJ4, he gained a 4,400x boost. In ASSJ4, he gained an 8,800x boost. And in TSSJ4, he gained a 26,400x boost.

    Special Abilities/ Techniques

    • Afterimage Technique, the ability to move swiftly enough that an image of its user is left behind.
    • Ki Sensitivity, Rigor is able to sense the ki of his opponents. However, Rigor seems to have less focus in this area than most fighters, as is apparent by his inability to sense the approach of Piccolo and Goten during his fight with Vegeta.
    • Scatter Shot, a technique where Rigor launches a powerful energy ball at his opponent's location, forcing them to scatter to avoid the blast.
    • Flight, the ability to fly with the use of ki.
    • Ki Blast, the most basic form of energy wave. Due to Rigor's astounding power, normal ki blasts have size and power similar to those of full-powered Kamehamehas.
    • Final Revenge Cannon, Rigor's most powerful beam attack, charged in a manner similar to the Kamehameha, yet shot from only one hand. This technique was apparently taught to Rigor by his mother, as it was her favorite technique. Rigor only uses this technique in his Super Saiyan 5 form, and boasts that the sheer force of this attack is enough to wipe out the galaxy.
    • Due to his status as the Legendary Saiyan, Rigor's Zenkai is significantly greater than normal Saiyans. Whereas a normal Saiyan typically gains around a 33% boost in Zenkai, Rigor gains an astounding 50% boost. His Super Saiyan form multipliers were also greater than normal Super Saiyans.
    • Power Manipulation, In response to the growth of his massive strength, Rigor has learned how to regulate how much of his maximum power he releases, ranging from 0% to 100%. With each increase comes a burst of energy and his muscles thicken and enlarge themselves. Rigor can also apply his power manipulation to his Super Saiyan 5 form.


    Rigor's power level, thanks to his becoming a Super Saiyan 5, puts him in a class all his own. In the Bebit Unit-Power System, his base form's maximum power ranks a S++ Class (in comparison to Vegeta's maximum power as a SSJ4, which barely breaks the S+ Class). At his arrival on Earth, Rigor's power level is on a similar level to Goku and Vegeta's power. At 60% of his base form's full power, he is almost 5 times as powerful as both Goku and Vegeta's SSJ4 forms at maximum strength, capable of fighting SSJ4 Vegeta and taking his strongest attacks with little to no effort, and then fighting Trunks and Goten (both as Super Saiyans) and Piccolo while maintaining a very controlling advantage. At 80% of his base form's full power, he can take the full force hit of Vegeta's Final Atomic Shine attack (which boasts a power more than double Vegeta's maximum strength) and battle both Goku and Vegeta in their full powered SSJ4 forms simulataneously and maintain a controlling advantage. At 100% of his base form's full power, he is more than 7 times more powerful than either Goku or Vegeta at their maximum, and more than capable of dominating the both of them in a fight.

    As a Super Saiyan 5, Rigor becomes one of the most powerful opponents the Super Warriors have ever faced. In the Bebit Unit-Power System, his SSJ5 strength (even while weakened) ranks in the Z Class, two whole Class levels above both Goku and Vegeta, making him around 17 times more powerful at that point than either of them. In his prime (and later during the fight with Gogeta), his strength moves into the Z+ Class, equal with Gogeta and almost 50 times more powerful than either Goku or Vegeta. The scope of how much stronger Rigor can become after that is virtually limitless thanks to his transformation.

    According to the "official" power level readings released by MALIK, when using the "Small Scale Numbers" provided by Akira Toriyama, Rigor's base form maximum power ranks a 1.8, while his prime SSJ5 form ranks a 27, significantly more powerful than Beerus or Whis.

    Fighting Style

    Rigor has a fighting style that is a potent combination of martial arts and a ground-and-pound style. He is able to overwhelm an opponent with his massive physical strength, and yet is still swift enough to block and dodge any attempt to attack him. His level of martial arts mastery is on par with Goku, as he seems to be able to match him blow-for-blow. Rigor's strength is great enough that he has faced, and nearly defeated, almost all of Earth's Super Warriors single-handedly.

    Armor and Weaponry

    Rigor was outfitted by the people of Yelna with a specially designed one-of-a-kind armor that would mask his immense chi from Freeza, and was made to wear it at all times. The armor did not dampened Rigor's chi whatsoever, merely make it so that it could not be detected by Scouters, and beings capable of sensing chi. The armor was constantly upgraded with Yelnian technology to increase the masking effect and to help Rigor control his astonishing power. When Rigor finally learned to control his chi through Power Manipulation on Planet Bebit, the armor was no longer required, as he kept his chi to a managable, non-threatening level. The armor's technology was eventually applied to Rigor's family's space pods in order to mask their chi as they travelled in space.

    No longer wearing the Power Masking Armor, Rigor can be seen from his first appearance in the doujin wearing a Bebitian Combat Suit. The suit is durable and unrestrictive, covering only vital areas of Rigor's body (chest and upper abdomen, groin and waist, legs, and the upper arms). He also wears two golden gauntlets on each wrist. This combat suit (though covered by sashes and other clothing) is seen later in Chapter 17 on every member of the Bebitian Royal military.

    Voice Actors

    In the Dragon Ball New Age Minisode Series, Rigor is voiced by Jamie Norwood.


    Below is a list of the Chapters Rigor has appeared in so far in DBNA.

    • Chapter 1: The Mysterious Saiyans
    • Chapter 2: My Brother...
    • Chapter 3: Vegeta's Last Stand
    • Chapter 4: Vegeta's Trump Card?
    • Chapter 5: Final Atomic Shine
    • Chapter 6: Momentary Peace
    • Chapter 7: The Mystery of Rigor's Power...
    • Chapter 8: Two Against One! Final Flash and Kamehameha
    • Chapter 9: Rigor Transforms! Super Saiyan 5?!
    • Chapter 10: Our Last Hope! Fusion!
    • Chapter 11: Ultimate Power Struggle! Rigor versus Gogeta!
    • Chapter 12: Rigor versus Gogeta part 2
    • Chapter 13: The Struggle Ends
    • Chapter 14: Separi's Declaration
    • Chapter 16: The Secret of the Sage Nameks
    • Chapter 17: The Homeworld of Rigor! Planet Bebit!


    • Rigor was DBNA creator MALIK’s first original character, and was created in 2001 when he was still in high school. MALIK proclaims that Rigor is what made him want to do DBNA in the first place.
    • Rigor, so far, is the only Saiyan shown being able to become a Super Saiyan 5. MALIK addressed this saying, “I’ve read so many Dragon Ball fan mangas, an they are just flooded with so many other Super Saiyan transformations, its almost nothing anymore. I wanted to make a transformation to work for, something near impossible to obtain, just as the first Super Saiyan transformation was for Goku and Vegeta. To hold it on a pedestal that not everyone can reach”.
    • As an adult, Rigor is notable as one of the few pure-blooded Saiyans who does not wear the battle jackets worn by Freeza and his men. He did, however, wear the jackets as a child, as seen in the History of Rigor Specials.
    • Rigor's portrayl in DBNA has altered significantly from its initial print to the current draft. Initially, Rigor is portrayed as a jealous, bitter killer with no real motive against Vegeta other than to prove he's better. As his character's backstory developed, he became more of a tragic figure, driven into his madness and power by the misdeeds of his family, desiring vengeance against Vegeta for the murder of his mother.
    • Rigor is notable as one of the few villains in the Dragon Ball Universe to have no desire to collect and use the Dragon Balls, or to conquer the planet/universe.
    • Rigor bears a strong resemblance to Raditz, Goku's older brother. In a humorous one-shot, Rigor addressed the audience directly, declaring that he was not Raditz.
    • Due to his astronomical, near-god-like power, Rigor has sometimes been called "The Ultimate Super Saiyan" or "The Messiah Saiyan" by fans.
    • Because DBNA follows the manga canon, Broly never existed, allowing Rigor to be listed as a more advanced Legendary Saiyan.
    • The "Berserker Hero" Saiyan from Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi bears an uncanny resemblance to Rigor when he was a teenager. This is an incredible coincidence as Rigor was designed years before the Berserker Hero.
    • Each Planet Rigor has lived on shares a trait with himself. Planet Vegeta is named after his father and brother. Planet Yelna is a pun of "Yellow Anger", and Planet Bebit is a pun of "biito bejita", literally meaning "Beat Vegeta".
    • Despite his overwhelming strength later in life, Rigor and Vegeta were both born with an identical Power Level of 538, marking them both as Elite-Status Saiyans.
    • According to the "official" power level readings released by MALIK, Rigor's power level as a SSJ5 in his prime is more than twice as strong as Beerus, the God of Destruction.
    • With the exception of his father and half-brother, all of Rigor's blood relatives are named after Chili Peppers. His mother is named after Peppers themselves, himself after Rio Grande and Goronong Peppers, his oldest son after the Serrano Pepper, his second oldest after the Tabasco Pepper, his daughter after the Red Savina Pepper, and his two youngest after the Rocoto Pepper.

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