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Goku DB EX


Rakon Edit

Hakon is the uncle of Gokar.He is the first person gokar met when he came to earth.He trained gokar and helped him become a
super saiyan 4.He then told gokar that he had to find his father.Rakon knew that his father had evil intentions for him but he wanted to make sure

gokar didnt trust him.He also made gokar cut his hair so that he could become a super saiyan.

Tournament SagaEdit


Rakon shoots his spirit launcher

While Gorat is killing everyone Rakon can sense Gokar's chi being disturbed.He goes to the world tournament to find gokar and

vegether dead.He then uses the spirit launcher in an atempt to destroy gorat.These two brothers fought but in the end Rakon won.He later gets all the dragon balls to revive those killed by gorat.

Rakon creating the spirit launcher

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