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This is one of Tai's strongest techniques. It is somewhat of a hybrid of Kamehameha and Final flash, because the user's attack is more concentrated on one spot (much like Vegeta's Final Flash), and the user can add more energy when the attack is fired (much like the Kamehameha). This attack also forms a sphere around the user when using it.


Raging Blast looks like Vegeta's Final Flash but it is white in appearance and it creates a sphere around its user. The sphere around the user has different colors. The colors varies by the user or the mental state the user is in.

Strenght and UsageEdit

The one that uses the Raging Blast must have massive control of their ki and their concentration must be at maximum.This attack is strong, but to use it, the user needs to concentrate energy so much that it will be as solid as a diamond.This attack is easily a planet-buster, but also can be strong enough to destroy a whole Solar System. However, it is so concentrated in one spot that it would not even expand while going through the space.


  • This attack is the only seen energy attack to have both Kamehameha and Final Flash aspects.
  • This attack does not expand from when it is fired, but lightning is seen flashing around it.
  • This attack is perfectly round, even so round that it is seen as a sphere when it is fired right at you.


Raging Blast in It's full power.

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