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Created By DaveyG1986

Project: Alpha Saga Takes place in the year 2017. This is the 5th Saga in Dragonball Omega

After the Heroes Saga, Deivii, Maiku, Danii and their master Hitsurgui carried on training. Meanwhile an evil scientist found fragments on DNA left behind by the Evil Alliance. What could this mysterious new enemy be planning.

Chapters Edit

  • 41 - TBC
  • 42 - TBC
  • 43 - TBC
  • 44 - TBC
  • 45 - TBC
  • 46 - TBC
  • 47 - TBC
  • 48 - TBC
  • 49 - TBC
  • 50 - TBC

Characters Edit

This is the list of characters that are in the Project: Alpha Saga

Main Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Villains Edit

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