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Pre-Dragon Ball

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Written By:
  • Nikon23
  • Based on "Dragon Ball" Created by:
  • Akira Toriyama
  • Debut:

    Pre-Dragon Ball (Pre-(Pre ドラゴンボール, Pre- Doragon Boru) is a prequel to the Dragon Ball series created by Nikon23. the story details the events of Master Roshi along with his friends, including the KingnPiccolo War and the Genocide of the Saiyans.


    Pre Dragon Ball

    Adon, Lao, Shen, Muten Roshi and Fanfan

    The events within this fan manga focus on Master Roshi and his friends as they train under Master Mutaito and face powerful foes, which eventually leads to them facing King Piccolo. also the story of the saiyans are told through the eyes of King Vegeta leading up to the saiyan's demise at the hands of frieza and a cameo appearacne from Jaco (from Jaco: The Galactic Patrolman)


    Mutaito Saga (Chapter 1 - On Going)

    Korin Saga

    King Piccolo War Saga

    King Vegeta Saga


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