Planet Gorg is the main setting in Season 1 and is the place where Dyon landed on during the explosion of Planet Vegeta. It is ruled by Elders (read below). Planet Gorg was discovered during the early years of the universe, and the ones who founded the planets are the first unnamed elders. The planet is in another universe known to humans as U092451G standing for Universe G, hence Planet Gorg's location. The planet is on an unstable orbit. In the beginning of the summer season, the planet moves closer to its Sun. During the winter season, it moves towards the darkness of the universe. And during the spring and fall/autumn, Planet Gorg moves closer to the middle of its path. Now, there were many Elders during the time of Planet Gorg (the list is below).

Known Elders

The Planet also saw many years of war. One of the wars was known as The Great War. Its years are unknown, but it was a war fought between three planets (Gorg and two others). Many died in the war and one of them was the first feudal Saiyan ever to enter the universe and leave the universe. The Great War is said to have lasted over 250 years and only Gorg survived the entire war. In fact, it survived many more.

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