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Pesto is an alien warrior from the planet Genoa, who resembles a humanoid crab. He appears in What Role Will You Play?


Pesto is a tall humanoid crustacean.


Pesto is obsessed with the concept of traditional heroism, and generally views the world and other people through traditional roles and archetypes.



Although he doesn't know Goku by name, he holds a great loathing and jealousy for the warrior who defeated Frieza in his place.




Mr. RenshoEdit






Pesto was one of the strongest warriors of his species, a race of crab-people who lived on planet Genoa, a world in the same solar system as Planet Namek. Once word reached him that Frieza and his soldiers had invaded Namek, he vowed to train himself so he could defeat the tyrant and drive him out of the solar system before he could harm his people. However, by time he finished his training, Frieza had already been killed at the hands of Goku, and Pesto was left in disgrace. He retired as an active warrior, and instead chose to train and meditate, promising to find a greater evil than Frieza himself to defeat.

What Role Will You Play?Edit

Pesto is dragged unwillingly through a portal, and onto Enkio's ship. After meeting Mr. Rensho, Enkio, and Naza, he pulls out his Dragon Radar, discovering that there are Dragon Balls near the seemingly random part of space they were all transported to. He urges his new companions to help him collect them, leading them to planet Borneon.

After fighting a group of Geckus, he leads his companions to the Dragon Ball, but finds that Tux was waiting for them. Tux creates a portal over Pesto's arm, severing it and stealing the Dragon Ball from him. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Flight-Pesto can fly through the use of ki.



Swords-Pesto wields a pair of long, curved swords, which he can conduct his ki energy through.

Dragon Radar-Pesto possesses a red sphere, that serves as a 3D Dragon Radar, mapping out the entirety of the solar system he resides in and where the Dragon Balls are located within it, if any are present.


  • He is named after pesto, a type of sauce.
  • His home planet, Genoa, is named after the city where pesto was created.

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