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Peach was the 18 year old son of Broly. He often is seen in saiyan battle armor. His hair looks like black super saiyan future Trunks hair. He has a scar by his left eye. He appeared in an alternate Dragonball AF where it takes place three years after the shadow dragon saga and Goku isn't one with the dragonballs. Peach isn't a bad guy. He told them he wasn't a criminal like his father. He is known to have a crush on Pan. And Pan is known to have a crush on him.

He first appears in the Dr Gero III saga. He can't go super saiyan... Pan starts dating Peach later in the series. They eventually wed and have two daughters and a son. When Peach meets his dad, he sees his dad isn't bio Broly anymore and he looks like the normal Brolymonly he has white streaks of hair and a white mustache. He also wears human clothes and his tail is hidden.

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