SSJ Golden Super Oozaru Vega

OOzaru SSJ Gold

This article, Oozaru (anthropomorphic Saiyan / Saiyajin) (RFyle11), is property of RFyle11.

Oozaru is an anthropomorphic of a monkey / ape and Saiyan / Saiyajin with a tail. He had an intelligent mind, can talk normal and he can control his powers. He can transform into a Super Saiyan / Saiyajin.

Forms and Transformations Edit

  • Super Saiyan / Saiyajin
  • Super Saiyan / Saiyajin Full (Power Gold)


  • Mouth Blast
  • Ki-Blast
  • Flying


  • This is MY own Oozaru character based and mixed between an Giant ape and a Saiyan alien with a tail.
  • Vegeta in his Oozaru / Giant Ape form he talks in a beast voice and my character can do that.
  • I've seen the oozaru toy wearing a Saiyan-like armor from Dragonball Evolution and the Oozaru movie like character without a tail. I've created my own based on Dragonball Z only.
  • My character concept design is a Giant ape Oozaru Monster face mixed with a Saiyan - Human-Like-body with a tail.
  • He is based on a Original Super Saiyan and Legendary Super Saiyan character.

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