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Onion is an evil saiyan. He is the elderly uncle of Vegeta. He can go super saiyan. He became super saiyan because he was so enraged about Freeza had killed most of the saiyans. He was one of the surviving saiyans of course. After planet Vegeta was blown up he went to hide on planet Imecka. He met several friends there. When he is super saiyan he is young again. His attacks are lightning strike' whip slash elbow' super lightning strike' lightning stab' onion ring blast' and train blast. He has long white hair and a mustache and beard. He wears a saiyan battle armor with a black suit under it. He has a monkey tail and he wears a yellow scouter on his right eye. After being on Imecka for years he went to Earth. He had a lot of hatred for Freeza. He was a saiyan general. When he is a super saiyan he resembles the super saiyan 1 Gogeta. His lightning stab technique is usually very lethal and painful.

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