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Obliterator Cannon
Debut Please Kill Them There's So Many I'll Pay You For It
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Great War
Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Inventor Dogom
Users Dogom
Class Beam wave
Color       &      
Similar techniques Big Bang Cannon

Obliterator Cannon is an energy wave technique invented by Dogom. To use it, the user charges a red energy sphere around his/her fist, and then thrusts his/her arm forward, firing the energy as a beam. When firing the beam, the palm can be open, or the fist can remain clenched.


  • Obliterator Cannon Volley: Used exclusively by Speonitch, this is the barrage variation of Obliterator Cannon.
  • Finger Obliterator Cannon: During his time spent in Limbo, Cuber developed an index-and-middle-finger version of Obliterator Cannon. Consequently, the beam is thinner, but since the same energy is concentrated over a smaller area, it possesses more piercing power.

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