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Mrovian combat armor
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Inventor Mrovians
Users Mrovians
Class Powered battle armor
Color       &       (standard model)
      &       (Salhior's model)
      &       (Cuber's model)
      &       (Chaiva's model)
      &       (Ledas's model)

The Mrovian combat armor is a powered exoskeleton used by the armed forces of Mrovians.


The Mrovian combat armor is the standard military equipment of Mrovians. The suit’s shell is composed of an incredibly strong alloy and can withstand considerable amounts of damage. Beneath the shell is a gel layer that regulates the temperature of the wearer and absorbs impacts received by the outer shell. The innermost skinsuit absorbs excess moisture from the wearer’s body. The suit has an energy shield generator that maintains a constant force field around the suit, which can absorb even more damage than the suit's shell can before collapsing. Since Mrovians conduct photosynthesis and the suit is fully-sealed, the suit contains a solar-energy generator that supplies the wearer with energy.

Mrovian armor is stored in warships or military bases when not in use. Instead of having to manually arm him/herself in the time of battle, however, a Mrovian soldier wears a device on his/her chest, which when activated, immediately teleports the armor onto the soldier. When no longer in use, the soldier simply signals the device to warp the armor back to the nearest military location.

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