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Mrovians are a highly technological humanoid race that inhabits the planet Mrov. Like Tuffles, they are not aggressive towards each other and other races, unless they must fight to defend themselves.



The Great SeparationEdit

Aeon of TranquilityEdit

Mrovian-Planet Trade Organization WarEdit



Mrovians are humanoid aliens that are roughly seven to eight feet tall when fully grown. They have have four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. They have no nose, mouth, or ears, and they communicate telepathically. Because of this, they breath, hear, and drink through their green skin, and they conduct photosynthesis. An infant Mrovian, however, possesses a small mouth-like opening in order to obtain nutrients for early growth by feeding off a milk-like substance from his/her mother. Mrovians also have hair-like stalks on the back of their heads. Female Mrovians tend to be smaller overall compared to male Mrovians, being slightly shorter in height and noticeably slimmer. A female Mrovian also has a pair of breasts much in the way humans do, in order to feed her young.

Unless in battle or working within hazardous environments, Mrovians only wear clothing that would be like underwear to humans, because they need to expose as much skin as possible to optimize energy absorption from their sun.

Aging, Lifespan, and GrowthEdit

The average Mrovian life expectancy is around one thousand Earth years. Mrovians complete infancy after about two years of age, reach adulthood at about 100 years. Mrovians are not considered "middle-aged" until they reach 500 years of age, and are not considered "old" until they reach 600 years of age.


Mrovians reproduce the same way humans and saiyans do. The Mrovian menstrual cycle is twenty times as long as the humans’, preventing them from overpopulating.


As an ancient intelligent species, the Mrovians have exceedingly advanced technlogy. Mrovians have constructed warships that range in length from several hundred meters to tens of kilometers, and each can possess energy shielding that can withstand energy blasts that range in power level from tens of thousands upwards to the hundreds of millions. They also possess powered armor for each individual soldier that can protect the respective soldier from attacks that would otherwise kill or injure him/her.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Mrovian technology is their usage of short-distance teleportation. Soldiers and equipment can be transported across a planet in a mere instant, provided there is a "destination" conduit. Every ship and military base possesses at least one of these conduits, and each soldier has one for his/her personal armor. This enables Mrovians to relocate anything in their possession at will, which can either reinforce military positions, save lives, or simply making their ways of living more convenient.

Power LevelEdit

The power level of a typical Mrovian warrior ranges from 1000–1500, although when in powered armor, the said warrior can fight at the equivalent proficiency of someone with a power level that is 2000 units higher (so a Mrovian warrior with a power level of 1500 would fight at the proficiency of 2500). Some "anomalies" do exist among Mrovians; Supreme Admiral Salhior, for example, has a power level of about 1 million. Due to his naturally immense strength, the powered armor does not benefit him other than to serve as a ceremonial garb. Mrovian civilians with no combat experience, however, have power levels that range from 60–100.


  • The planet Mrov and the Mrovians are named by Hyper Zergling mashing the keyboard and then making adjustments to make the resulting name pronounceable.
Conservation status
Lc Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mroviania
Order: Mrovianida
Family: Mrovianidae
Genus: Mrovian
Species: M. primigenes
Binomial name: Mrovian primigenes
Common name: Mrovian
Species characteristics
Average height: 230 cm (7'6")
Eye colors: Varies
Body color: Green
Average lifespan: 1000 years
Consumer type: Phototroph
Current population: ~20,000,000
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female

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