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-Planet Konack-

(A Spaceship Appears On The Surface Of Planet Konnat)

(It Is Revealed To be Tapions Ship As He And Minosha Emerge From The Ship)

Tapion: (Smiles) Finally...I'm Home! Its real Good To Be Back

Xicor: Your Finally Back, Tapion And You Too Minosha

Minosha: Its Good To Be Home

Xicor: Where Were You Two Anyway?

Tapion: We Were Found By A Group Of Earthlings Who Helped us Destroy The Monster Hirudegan

Minosha: Its True!

Xicor: So There Not So Bad?

Tapion: Well There Were Some That Were Not So Nice To Us

Xicor: Eh. Who Really Cares As Long As The Did Not Try And Kill You

Tapion: (Notices A Small Parasitic Bug On Xicor's Body) Watch Out! (Quishes The Bug)

Minosha: (Squishes The Bug Infront Of Him)

Xicor: He...he...He! (Evilly Smiles) Lock Them Up And Get The Space Fleet Ready! We Are Going To Destroy Earth!

Minosha: (Struggles As He And Tapion Are Locked Up) You Wont Get Away With This!

Xicor: Oh We Already have!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

-Planet Earth-

Chi-Chi: Goooku! Im Going Out For A Few minutes

Goku: Okay Then Chi-Chi!

Goten: (Flys Down) Oh Hi Mom!

Chi-Chi: Hi Goten

Goku: Hi Goten, I See You Brought Uub With You!

Goten: Yeah He Wanted To Tag Along Seeing As He Trained You To Your Limits

Uub: Yeah I Guess

Goku: Anyway What Brings You Two Here?

Goten: I Heard On the News that An Alien Fleet Is coming This Way To Earth

Uub: Yea! Who Knows Where its Coming From

Goku: Well If Its Coming here Its Bad News!

Uub: Ill Contact Piccolo, Krillin And Vegeta

Goten: You Do That!

Uub: Right! (Flys To Inform Krillin, Vegeta And Piccolo)

Goku: Goten, How Long will It Be Until hey Come!

Goten: About 30 Minutes

Goku: Well What Are We Doing Standing here! Lets Get Going! Where Are They Heading?

Goten: About 400 Miles To The West!

Goku: Lets go! (Hovers And Flys Over to The Area)

Goten: Wait Up! (Follows Goku)

Uub: Vegeta, Piccolo! Goku Needs You To Fight Off An Army of Aliens

Vegeta: Okay Then If Goku Needs Our Help We Will give it to Him! (Flys To Goku)

Piccolo: Okay Then Lets Go! (Follows Vegeta)

Goten: Here They Come!

Vegeta: Did We Miss Anything?

Piccolo: I Hope Not!

Goku: They're Just Arriving!

(The Space Fleet Lands As The Dirt Makes A Dust Storm)

(The Doors Open Revealing The Fleet And They're Leader, Xicor)

Xicor: Hmph! This is Earth?!

Goku: Whats Wrong With It?!

Xicor: Oh Nothing! Its Just This Is A Weak as Planet!

Piccolo: I Dont Care, We Will Beat You!

Xicor: Keep Thinking That! Fleet of Konnat Soilders!

(The Fleet of 500 Konnat Special Forces Prepare To Attack Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Goten And Uub)

Uub: Here They Come!

Xicor: Stand!.....

Vegeta: Here We Go!

Xicor: ......Prepare!......

Goten: There Coming!


(The Fleet Charges at The Z-Fighters As The 500 Solders Prepare To Dismantle Them)

Vegeta: Graaaaaggghhh!!!! (Lunges Forward And Prepares To Attack)

Goten: (Follows Vegeta And Also Prepares To Attack)

Vegeta: Super Galick Gun! (Fires A Supped Up Galick Gun At The 20 In front Of Him)

Goten: Super Sonic Kamehameha! (Fires A Super Sonic Kamehameha At the 50 In Front Of Him)

(The 75 That Got Hit Die From The Attacks of Vegeta And Goten)

Vegeta: Good job Goten!

Goten: Thank You Vegeta!

Krillin: (Steps Next To Vegeta) Lets Do This!!!

Vegeta: Alright!

Krillin: Super Destructo Disk! (Fires A Supped Up Destructo Disk)

(30 Men Die From the Back Fire)

Krillin: Piccolo!

Piccolo: Yes?

Krillin: Lets see If we Can Beat Them If We Fuse!

Piccolo: Okay Then! (Gets in Position For Fusion)

Krillin: (Gets In Same Position But Reverse)


Piccolin: Alright It Worked!

Vegeta: Good Job!

Piccolin: Hellzone Grenade Destructo Disk! (Fires 50 Destructo Disks Into The Air And Fires Them)

(100 Men Die)

Xicor: No More Games! Show Them your True power!!!!

(Half Of The Rest Of The 279 Men Form to Make Hirudegan Reincarnation)

Xicor: Yes! yes! Its Is Formed!

Goku: Damnit! We Have To Defeat this Monster! (Transforms Into SSJ5)

Piccolin: We Will Distract Them!

Goku: Okay Then Ill Charge The Dragon Fist (Starts Charging His Final Attack The Super Dragon Fist)

Piccolin: Hellzone Grenade Bomb Attack! (Charges 100 Supped up Ki Attacks And Fires Them)

(100 Men Die)


Xicor: No!!!!!!

(Hirudegan Reincarnation Dies While The men Are Un-Harmed)

Xicor: (all of The bugs Come Out Of the Konnats As Tapion And Mashino Are Set Free) What? Where Are We?

Goku: It Seems They Were under Control Of Hirudegans Minons

Tapion: exactly!

Mashino: Thanks For Destroying Them For Us!

Piccolin: Its okay (Unfuses)

Krillin: Awww!!!! :(

Xicor: Anyway We Had Better get Back To Our Planet

Goku: okay! Bye!

(The Rest of The Fleet Get Into The Ships As they Lift Off And Head Back To Planet Konnack)

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