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Muten Rōshi

Master Roshi

Muten Roshi, Turtle Hermit, Jackie Chun
Debut Appearance
Dragon Ball Episode #3
Date Of Birth
430 Age
Date of Death
753 Age (Revived) 774 Age (Revived)
  • Future Master Roshi (Alternate Timeline Counterpart)
  • Fortune Teller Baba (Sister)
  • Turtle (Best Friend/Companion)
  • Master Mutaito (Mentor)
  • Master Haito (Mentor)
  • Korin (Mentor)
  • Bo (Ally)
  • Master Shen (Former Ally/Rival)
  • Adon (Ally)
  • Lao (Ally)
  • Grandpa Gohan (Student)
  • Ox King (Student)
  • Goku (Student)
  • Krillin (Student)
  • Yamcha (Student)

  • Muten Roshi (武天老師, Muten Rōshi), also known as the Turtle Hermit (亀仙人, Kamesennin) and Master Roshi, is a major supporting protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and animes in fan-manga Pre-Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball SF. He is the younger borther of Fortune Teller Baba.

    Pre-Dragon Ball:Edit

    Early Life:Edit

    At a young age, Roshi became interested in learning Martial Arts. One day while in the woods, he finds the Power Pole.

    Mutaito Saga:Edit

    During the start of Pre-Dragon Ball, Roshi an d Shen are sent on a mission to protect Fan-fan. he encounters the Black Claw Army, who are after fan-fan. After facing many fighters, they face Tain, the strongest of all. After finally succeeding in defeating Tain, the Black Claw Army is finally bought to a end, Roshi, Shen and Fan-fan return back to their village and adon decides to join them., 

    Korin Saga:Edit


    Roshi as a teenager during Pre Dragon Ball

    Some months later, Roshi and his friends help battle and defeat the Venom 7. Roshi then ventures out into the world for self training due to master Mutaito's suggestion. during this, he meets Paifu and his friends in their village. he was the first to climb the extremely tall Korin Tower and train under the legendary Korin. It takes Roshi three years to obtain the sacred water, which was rumored to tremendously increase one's strength and speed.

    As a teenager, he returns and compete in another Grand Fist Tenkaichi Tournament. Before King Piccolo's rampage on Earth, Roshi and Shen were rivals, but later on, Shen turned over a new leaf and they became friends.

    King Piccolo Wars Saga:Edit


    Roshi and Shen as young adults facing King Piccolo in Pre Dragon Ball.

    Years later, the two faught side by side against King Piccolo's Demons. when the two students and their Master Mutaito lost the battle, Mutaito is said to both of them that he would return someday with a way to defeat King Piccolo.

    Shen lost his faith to his master and reverted back to his evil way of thinking, using the logic that was good was not enough to defeat King Piccolo, and he left. Roshi, meanwhile, fled to the mountains while many more innocent people were being killed. Several years later, Mutaito returned to Roshi; by then, most of Earth's population was gone. In the second battle with King Piccolo, Master Roshi painfully witnessed his master die when Mutaito used the Evil Containment Wave technique on King Piccolo to seal him in an electric rice cooker. Afterwards, Roshi dropped the electric rice cooker into the deepest depths of the ocean. He would go on to establish the Turtle School based on Mutaito's teachings.

    New Age Saga:Edit

    After 50 years, Master Roshi mastered a unique attack of his own invention, called the Kamehameha. He was also Gohan and Ox King's original martial arts instructor. Master Roshi is united with most of friends along with gohan and Ox King, as they compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament. He defeats Gohan with the Lightning Surprise Flash in the grand finals, and becomes a World Martial Arts Champion for the first time.

    Dragon BallEdit

    Emperor Pilaf Saga and Tournament Saga:Edit

    In the start of Dragon Ball, Master roshi meets goku and bulma after they help turtle get back to the sea. this is also how gouk gets the nimbus and another dragon ball. later roshi helps put out the flames on fire mountain.
    A year later, roshi trains goku and krllin in the turtle school. during the 21st tenkaichi budokai, roshi disguise himself and competes as well. he easily defeats ymacha and krllin and goes on to fight goku and in the finals. afte rwitnessing goku transform into a great ape, he destroys the full moon and wins the tournament.

    Red Ribbon Army Saga, General Blue Saga and Commander Red SagaEdit

    During goku's search for the dragon balls, roshi encounters a few red ribbon army soldiers on his island and easily defeats them.

    he later tries to help goku defeat the entire army ,but by the time roshi and the others arrived at the red ribbon base, they learn that goku has already won.

    Fortune Teller Baba Saga and Tien Shinhan SagaEdit


    Much afterwards, he witness goku and the others fight against baba's fighters at his sister, fortune teller baba's palace. he also was the firs tto reveal that goku's final opponent was infact a grandpa gohan. afterwards he takes yamcha on a pupil and sent goku out into the world to train for 3 years until the next tenkaichi budokai.

    3 years later, the turtle school along with a disguised master roshi compete in the 22nd tenkaichi budokai agaisnt the crane school lead by Master Shen. after easily defeating Man-Wolf, he fight against Tien Shinhan and eventually forfiets the match. he later witness the final matchs between goku and tien shinhan. 

    King Piccolo  Saga  and Piccolo Jr. Saga:Edit

    After krillin is killed, roshi learns that King Piccolo has returned to wage war on earth. after failing to get the dragon balls, roshi dies after attempting to use the evil containment wave on king piccolo. he is later revived from the draognb alls along with everyone else that was killed by king piccolo and his minions.
    3 years later, roshi observes the 23rd tenkaichi budokai, as goku fights against the reincarnation of king piccolo, piccolo jr and wins the tournament for the very first time.

    Dragon Ball ZEdit

    Dead Zone (Movie):Edit

    Master Roshi makes a  cameo appearanc ein Dragon Ball Z "Dead Zone", when goku coems to kame house to borrow the dragon radar.

    Vegeta Saga through Garlic Jr. Saga:Edit

    5 years later, roshi and the others learned of the saiyans after goku's brother, raditz reveals him to be one. after goku is killed, roshi and the other gather the dragon balls and revive him. after the defeat of vegeta, roshi frequently visists goku while he is in the hospital and keep in contact with bulma and the others while no namek. after goku goes to namek, he late rprepars to go with chi-chi and the others, but he fight against frieza coems to a end. he later witness yamcha and the others being revvied by the namekian dragon balls

    Months afterwards, roshi along with almost everyone else on earth are taken over by the black water mist from garlic jr, but are later reurn back to normal by the sacred water.

    Cooler's Revenge (Movie):Edit

    Master Roshi has a cameo appearance in this film, when goku comes and visit him on kame house island.Edit

    Trunks Saga through Cell Cames Saga:Edit

    Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan:Edit

    during the wait for the cell games, master roshi and the others learn of a legendary super saiyan threaten the universe. when broly is reveal as the super saiyan, rosh trys to fight him, but he is too  drunk to even try.

    Bojack Unbound:Edit

    after the defeat of cell, master roshi observes the intergalactic tournament as gohan and the other z fighters compete.

    World Tournament Saga through Kid Buu Saga:Edit

    7 years after the defeat of cell, master roshi attends the 25th tenkaichi budokai with the z fighters and their family and friends. after learning of the lastest threat known as majin buu, he and others take refugee on kami's lookout. he and the others are evenutally killed by super buu and later revived by the namekian dragon balls and helps contribute to goku's super spirit bomb.

    10 years later, Master Roshi observes the 28th tenkaichi budokai, where goku fights against the reincarnation of kid buu, uub

    Wrath of the Dragon (Movie):Edit

    Master Roshi has a cameo appearacne in this film, which takes place some months after the defeat of kid buu.

    Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return!! (Movie):Edit

    2 years after the defeat of kid buu, Master Roshi attends a banquet held by Mr. Satan. he also meets vegeta's little brother,tarble and witness the fight against abo and kado.

    Battle of Gods (Movie):Edit

    5 years after the defeat of kid buu, Master Roshi attends bulma's birthday party and later witness the fight against the god of destruction, Beerus.

    Revival of "F" (Movie):Edit

    3 years later, Master Rosghi along with the z fighters fight against a newly revived frieza along with his amry, the planet trade organization.

    Dragon Ball GTEdit

    Black Star Dragon Ball Saga through Baby Saga:Edit

    Shadow Dragon Saga:Edit

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    Dragon Ball GFEdit


    Transformations and Power Ups:Edit

    50% Max Power:Edit

    150px-Master Roshi (on the right) in his 50 % max power form

    Max Power:Edit


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