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  • ミサ
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Date Of Birth:
  • 732 Age
  • Date Of Death:
  • 798 Age
  • Debut:
  • Dragon Ball SF Chapter #
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball SF
  • Appears in:
  • Nappa (father)
  • Rola (grandfather)
  • Nikon (comrade)
  • Turles (comrade)
  • Android 22 (modified clone)

  • Mass (ミサ) is the son of Nappa, and the grandson of Rola. Nikon was apart of the Saiyan Army under the Planet Trade Organization, until he went AWOL with Nikon and Turles. He appears in Dragon Ball SF as a supporting antagonist.


    Mass' name is a pun from the vegetable, Potato and including the side dish mashed potatoes.

    Early Life:Edit

    Mass was born a Middle Class Saiyan Warrior, on Planet Vegeta in the 732 Age to Nappa and an unknown spouse. At a young age, he is put through brutal training by his father in order to one day join the Saiyan Army.

    Pre-Dragon Ball:Edit

    King Vegeta Saga:Edit

    Mass (kid)

    Mass as a kid

    During his early life, Mass befriends the Saiyans Nikon and Turles. After Frieza ordered for the Saiyans to be executed, he is nearly killed by Zarbon's Elites along with Nikon and Turles; however they managed to survive and remain hidden for many years after learning of Planet Vegeta's destruction.

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    Nikon Saga:Edit

    After Turles discovered the seed of the Tree of Might, they eat the Fruit of the Tree of Might, and greatly increase their strength. As Mass continues to fight in various fights across the Northern Galaxy, Mass finally ascended into a Super Saiyan.

    Years later in the 798 Age, Mass and his comrades learn of the surviving Saiyans on Earth, that happen to be King Vegeta's older son, Prince Vegeta, and Bardock's son, Kakarot (Goku). Seeking a challenge, Mass and his comrades travel to Earth. Once on Earth, Mass easily defeats most of the Z Fighters such as Tien Shinhan,Chaiotzu, Rai Shinhan and Z. Shortly afterwards, he comes face to face with Goku and the others, and learns that Vegeta had in fact killed his father. Now seeking revenege, he fights Vegeta while transformed into a Super Saiyan. However, Vegeta is still superior in strength. this battle eventually leads to Vegeta killing Mass.

    Transformations and Power UpsEdit

    Great ApeEdit

    A common transformation, Most Saiyans can attain this transformation after being exposed to a full moon, or a artifical Blutz Wave.

    Super SaiyanEdit

    Mass (Super Saiyan)

    Mass transformed into a Super Saiyan

    After consuming much fruit from the Tree of Might, Mass eventually became strong enough to reach the Super Saiyan transformation, which greatly increases his strength, power and speed.

    Techniques and Special AbilitiesEdit

    Bukujutsu: The ability to use Ki for flight.

    Ki Sense: the ability to sense ki.

    Fruit of the Tree of Might: Mas seats this to incrase his strength.

    KI Blast: The most basic forms of using Ki Blasts.

    Wild Sense: An advanced version of the Afterimage technique.

    Explosive Wave: A burst of energy emitted from the entire body.

    Saiyan Spirit: a power up defense attack.

    Blazing Shock: A destructive explosive wave launched from the entire body capble of causing a massive explosion on impact. it is similar to Nappa's volcano explosion.

    Super Energy Wave Volley: A barrage of powerful energy waves.

    Hell Star: A red full power energy sphere. First Mass charges the attack in one hand and then throws it like a grenade towards his opponent.

    Hell Star Volley: A rapid barrage of the Hell Star.

    Kapa!: A full power energy wave launched from the mouth. inherited from his father, Nappa.

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